Is 3M Scotchgard self-healing?

3M™ Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series delivers superior protection to automotive surfaces against scratches, chips and weathering. Our Pro Series film features a self-healing formula that enables minor scratches to disappear by themselves. via

Is XPEL paint protection worth it?

Xpel paint protection: Xtreme

This 'naked' option is well suited to vehicles that are subjected to light use only and provides a good protective barrier against road debris and other environmental pollutants. It's popular for those who want to protect hand-painted custom designs or perhaps on an older, vintage vehicle. via

Does XPEL turn yellow?

Depending on which film you choose, you WILL notice a slight bit of yellowing no matter what brand. Out of the roll for example, XPEL is slightly yellower than Suntek. Hence why if a client is after the aesthetics, we recommend Suntek on lighter cars. via

What is Matt PPF?


Modern smooth matte finish surface. Self-healing of small scratches with applied heat. Slick surface due to nano-ceramic top coat. Reduced orange peel and no glue marks with PPF installation gel. Advanced chemical and corrosion resistance. via

Does PPF protect against rock chips?

Honestly, among the slew of competitors for paint protection dollars, PPF is the clear-cut favorite, and the only one that truly protects the vehicles paint surface, hood, headlights, rocker panel, or the entire vehicle from road debris, rock chips, and scratches. via

How long does it take to install Xpel?

A: Installation will vary. Much depends on the amount of coverage and the particular vehicle. It usually takes couple of hours to a full day, but small jobs can take just an hour. Large wraps can take few days. via

Will Clear Bra damage paint?

Properly installed, a Clear Bra is completely invisible and doesn't have any negative impact on the color or clarity of your paint. Over time, however, some Clear Bras can peel, yellow, or blister, detracting from the look of your vehicle and leaving you vulnerable to damage. via

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