How do you change the oil cooler on a 6.4 Diesel? (video)

How much does it cost to replace oil cooler 6.4 Powerstroke?

An average labor cost to replace a OEM oil cooler can cost upwards of $1500-2500 plus the cost of $450 for a new oil cooler/turbo install kit. This kit will pay for itself if you have 1 oil cooler failure. This kit retails for $1499, includes a new OEM oil cooler. via

Where is the oil cooler on a 6.4 Powerstroke?

On the '08-to-'10 6.4L, the cooler is located in the valley of the block, under the turbocharger and almost every other component on the engine. via

How much horsepower can you get out of a 6.4 Powerstroke?

The 6.4L Powerstroke Diesel engine found in 2008-2010 Ford Superduty trucks produces 350 horsepower at 3,000 rpm and 650 of torque lb-ft at 2,000 rpm. Power can easily be increased with tuning or other mods. 500 horsepower or more can be achieved easily and inexpensively. via

Does coolant run through the oil cooler?

Some oil coolers use coolant (antifreeze) to keep the oil temperature regulated. Coolant flows through (or around) the coils or tubes, but has no contact with the oil. via

Where is the EGR cooler on a 6.4 Powerstroke?

The 6.4L Powerstroke has two EGR coolers, the lower of which is mounted to the left side exhaust manifold, failure of which can lead to coolant loss, overheating, and other serious engine damage. via

How much does it cost to replace a oil cooler on a 2008 Ford f250?

Ford F-250 Super Duty Engine Oil Cooler Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a Ford F-250 Super Duty engine oil cooler replacement is between $548 and $669. Labor costs are estimated between $288 and $363 while parts are priced between $260 and $305. via

How much does it cost to replace EGR cooler?

For a replacement EGR cooler you could be looking at between $270 and $3700, which will vary from case to case. The higher end pricing usually applies to modified or high performance engines, so for a passenger car you are likely looking at the lower end of the spectrum. via

What does engine oil cooler do?

An oil cooler is a radiator-like component specifically designed to keep your oil cool. It consists of tubes and fins that allow for good airflow to pass through. Usually, they are placed where they can receive maximum airflow such as in front of or behind the radiator or fans. via

How do you remove the EGR valve on a 6.4 Powerstroke? (video)

How do you delete an EGR valve? (video)

How long does it take to replace EGR cooler?

Had mine done in about 2 1/2 hours. via

How much does it cost to replace an oil cooler on a 6.0 Powerstroke?

This cost includes parts and labor, with the average cost of parts ringing in around $230 and the average cost of labor ringing in around $235. via

How do I know if my oil cooler is bad on my 6.0 Powerstroke?

Trouble is, oil cooler failure is very hard to detect unless you're viewing the engine's oil temp and coolant temp in real-time as you drive. A temperature difference of 15 degrees or more between the two parameters usually means the oil cooler is in the early to moderate phase of plugging. via

Can an engine oil cooler be repaired?

The Industry Standard for repairing old, leaking oil coolers used to be epoxy applied directly to the area of the leak (although at Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc., we have never used epoxy to repair a leaking oil cooler – we perform all repairs using only an appropriate Inert-Gas type weld). via

Can you clean EGR cooler?

That's a reasonable idea; EGR coolers are like radiators, only they use water to cool hot exhaust gases, instead of air to lower the hot water's temperature. That means they can be cleaned like a radiator. via

Can EGR leak coolant?

If the EGR cooling system develops a leak, water can escape into the recirculating exhaust gas, and pass through the engine, and disappear out the exhaust pipe, with virtually no symptoms, except of course for gradual coolant loss, the cause of which can be hard to diagnose. The loss is easy to identify. via

Who makes the most reliable diesel engine?

7.3L Ford Power Stroke (#1 Reliable Diesel Engine)

After several decades, the 7.3L Powerstroke is regarded as the most reliable diesel engine among its sophisticated counterparts. This diesel engine was a product of the joint venture between International Navistar (now Navistar International) and Ford. via

Can a 6.4 Powerstroke be made reliable?

Sure, it's not on the same level as the 7.3 PS or 5.9 Cummins, but it's a different era. Maintain your 6.4 diesel well and upgrade stuff as problems pop up. It might cost a little money, but with the right upgrades you can build the 6.4 Power Stroke into a much more reliable engine. via

Is the Ford 6.4 diesel a good engine?

The 6.4L Power Stroke V-8 diesel is one such engine, introduced for Super Duty rigs in 2008 as a replacement for the issue-plagued 6.0L. Up front, yes, it's a better engine than its predecessor (and when modified properly, it can be a performance beast). via

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