What is a 6 foot medium rod good for?

A short (6 feet or less) rod is ideal if you want to make short, accurate casts. When pinpoint accuracy is less critical, a long rod (over 7 feet) is the way to go. Dingy or dirty water and heavy cover are two situations where short-range accuracy is part of the recipe for success, and a shorter rod can really shine. via

What size reel do I need for a 6 foot rod?

Choosing a fishing rod to go with this size reel: A 2000 or 20 sized reel being a quite small reel ideally will suit a fishing rod between 6ft – 7ft 6 inches in length that has a line class rating somewhere between 2-5Kg. via

What are medium spinning rods good for?

Medium and medium-fast rods will usually provide a little more casting distance and still provide adequate hooksetting power. These actions are often used for applications that involve treble hooks, such as crankbaits and topwater lures or other reaction baits such as spinnerbaits. via

What is a 6 8 medium rod good for?

2) 6'8″ casting rod, medium, extra fast top – Use for lighter baits such as smaller topwater poppers, walking baits, lighter Texas rigs, smaller soft plastic swimbaits on light jig heads or weighted swimbait hooks, Senko baits, and other smaller jigs and lures. via

What is a 6'6 medium spinning rod Good For?

Rods under 6'6” are ideal for trout, panfish, and younger anglers. Longer rods over 7' are popular for some bass fishing techniques such as using swimbaits and crankbaits and longer rods are also the go-to choice for anglers targeting salmon and steelhead. via

Is a medium rod good for bass?

If you use a rod that is too heavy for the species you're fishing the rod will be too strong for the fish and can lose your bait or yank away from the fish. For larger black bass, walleye, catfish, and others, a medium power with moderate-fast or fast action rod works well. via

What is a 4000 size reel good for?

Medium sized spinning reels (4000 – 5500)

These are medium sized spinning reels ideal for rods in the 7-8 foot range. They are best for targeting mid sized species up to about 30 pounds, and work best with 8-14lb monofilament, or 10-25lb braid. via

How do you match a reel to a rod? (video)


What is a 3000 size reel good for?

1000 to 3000. Small reels are designed to be fished inshore. They can be fished in the fresh or saltwater in rivers, estuaries, creeks, dams, harbors, docks, and jetties. They suit light fishing rods 6 to 9 feet. via

What is a 7 foot medium rod good for?

7-foot, medium-action spinning rod

You can use this rod for any type of weightless soft plastic, shaky heads, Ned rigs, lightweight Texas rigs and any other finesse technique you may favor. Having this rod, or one very similar, can pay off in a big way—especially if you're fishing rural ponds or rivers. via

What is the difference between medium and medium/heavy rods?

A medium rod is perfect for this kind of hookset, as it has a good bend which ensures the line tightens into a fish's mouth without blowing it out from too much force. A medium heavy can easily be pulled too hard as it has no bend to forgive a hookset that is too strong. That means you've lost a fish. via

Is a longer or shorter fishing rod better?

A rod's length affects casting distance, accuracy, and hook set leverage. Longer rods (over 7 feet) will cast farther than shorter rods of the same power and action, and shorter (<under 7 feet) rods will be more accurate. via

What is a 6'6 fishing rod for?

CARBON ROD - This 6'6” long medium-action carbon pole will cast longer distances while providing adequate hook setting power for bass, trout and even pan fish. This durable rod is sure to make fishing enjoyable from the shoreline or in a boat. via

What is a 5 foot fishing rod used for?

Medium length spinning rods (6' to 7'5”): these are the most commonly used rod type and size overall. They can be adapted for dozens of different fishing applications, ranging from lure casting to bottom fishing and bobber fishing. via

What action is best for bass fishing?

The faster the action, the more pressure you can put on a bass. Fast Action —A fast action rod will bend in the upper 25 to 30 percent. They provide both power and flex, which is essential when throwing spinnerbaits, soft sticks, jerkbaits and topwaters. Moderate Action —These rods will bend near the middle. via

What rod should I use for crankbaits?

If you don't have a cranking rod, select a medium action rod or a fiberglass rod that will have enough power to cast the big lures and handle heavy fish. via

When should you use a spinning rod for bass fishing? (video)


Is a 4000 reel too big for bass?

It can feel too big and might be bulky after a long day on the water. Of course, beyond 3500, there are other sizes for you to choose from, too, but I wouldn't recommend any of these for bass. 4000, 5000, and larger reels are going to be way overkill – these reels are better for going after large saltwater game fish. via

Whats the difference between a 3000 and 4000 reel?

Typically when people think of a 4000 size reel, they think of a bigger, heavier, “do everything” reel. But there is not much difference between the sizing of the 3000 versus the 4000. The body frames appear to be the exact same size and there is only a fraction of an ounce difference in weight. via

What size reel do I need for a 7 foot rod?

Medium sized spinning reels (4000 – 5500)

These medium sized spinning reels are suited to rods in the 7-8 foot size range for anglers chasing the larger freshwater fish and some saltwater fishing applications. via

What size rod is best for spinning?

A longer rod of about 8-9ft is recommended, as it gives us better control when fighting fish in close quarters when the fish is lunging beneath the boat or heading for anchor ropes. It also eliminates casting fatigue as the longer rod provides better leverage and makes it easier to cast larger lures. via

How do I know what size spinning reel to buy?

Choosing the correct reel size is as easy as determining the size fishing line you intend to use most often. The lighter the line you intend to use, the smaller the reel you should purchase. Ten-pound test line should be the highest strength and diameter used on a spinning reel. via

What size rod goes with a 2500 reel?

The 2500 or 25 size reel is my choice for dock shooting for crappie or finesse tactics for bass such as drop-shotting. I spool the reel with 6-pound line and match it with a 7-foot light action rod for dock shooting. For drop-shotting, I use 8-pound fluorocarbon line and a 6 1/2-foot medium action rod. via

What is a 2500 reel good for?

Here's something that's really surprised me: reels in the 1000 class have been flying off of the shelves recently. For years, we (and most other inshore anglers) have mainly used 2500 or 3000 series reels when inshore saltwater fishing, but this new wave of 1000 reel buyers is really coming on strong. via

How much braid can a 4000 reel hold?

It's a good size for big inshore predators and an excellent surf reel size. With the fighting capacity of a high-end, mid-priced 4000 pretty significant these days, a capacity of 300 meters of PE2 (20-kilo braid) allows you to tackle fish well above the test weight or line class. via

Is a 3000 reel enough?

As long as you don't target species that require powerful lines with thick diameters, 2500-3000 reels can be pretty enough for you. However, it should also be noted that there are more reasons why you should consider a bigger reel other than the additional line capacity. via

What is a moderate fast action rod good for?

Moderate-fast action rods will provide more casting distance and still provide sufficient hook setting power. The Moderate to Slow action blanks are usually good for multi-hook lures such as crank baits and top water lures or other reaction baits such as spinner baits, rattle baits and jerk baits. via

What lb test line should I use for trout?

A typical line to cast for trout would be 4-pound test. Consider braided line of 30-pound test or more if you go after large game fish. A rule of thumb is to fish with the lightest gear possible so you don't tire and have more fun. In competition when test is specified, anglers must use light line to land heavy fish. via

How do I choose a spinning rod for trout?

  • Look for a length of at least 7ft (this is used for increased casting distance and turning power)
  • Choose a rod with a 'medium – slow' action (a slower action rod provides more sensitivity and makes it harder for a fish to shake the hook)
  • via

    Can I use a medium rod for panfish?

    Most panfish anglers favor rods with thesepower ratings, although medium-weight rods (for lines of 4- to 12-pound-testand 1/8- to 3/8-ounce lures) sometimes are used as well. via

    What is a medium fast action rod?

    Usually more frequently labeled as “medium fast”. These rods are a combination of a slow rod for pleasant casting and “feel” while also a faster rod to allow for greater distances, wind, or heavier flies/rigs. Scenarios: Medium Rods are versatile. via

    What is a 7 6 heavy rod good for?

    If you are looking for the best all-around rod for throwing heavier baits from a Carolina Rig to a Swim Bait to a small Umbrella-Rig this 7'6″ Heavy action is for you. via

    What power rod should I get?

    Beginners can select the right power by the general size of fish they target. Light power facilitates lighter tackle and smaller lures for Panfish and Trout. Medium power handles common lures and rigs sized typically for Bass and Walleye. Heavy power manages larger lures and rigs for big Bass, Pike and Catfish. via

    What size rod is good for bass fishing?

    The recommended size would be from 7- to 8-feet long (many tournament circuits do not allow bass fishing rods longer than 8-feet). A good choice would be a 7 1/2-foot rod because it is a little easier to pitch the baits. Pitching and flipping go together. Look at the tip, make sure it has some flexibility. via

    How far can you cast an 8 foot rod?

    In a nutshell, you will be able to cast 50-70 yards on a good day using a surf rod. That being said, you generally need less than that to catch fish in the surf. via

    What are short fishing rods used for?

    As much as a lengthy rod offers casting distance, a shorter rod helps leverage fish, especially massive-body game fish. That's when stand-up tackle shorter than 6 feet shines. This type of stand-up gear is trolled, or a live bait is flipped away from the boat; distance casting, however, isn't really an option. via

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