Is GMC Jimmys a 4x4?

GMC has manufactured models of Jimmy 4WD for 13 years. They average 15.7 combined miles per gallon, with the latest 2004 Jimmy 4WD below average at 15 combined MPG.
Fuel Efficiency.

Vehicle Model 1992 GMC Jimmy 4WD
Combined MPG 16
Highway MPG 19
City MPG 14


When did they stop making GMC Jimmys?

In 1970, GMC introduced its own model of the truck, called the Jimmy, which was discontinued in 1991 and replaced by the Yukon. via

Is GMC Jimmy a good vehicle?

comfortable and durable with a bite

The jimmy is one of GMC's most accomplished vehicle in the hearts of its owners. They make purchasing a vehicle a pleasure, however when the time comes they are difficult to let go. via

What is a Jimmy truck?

A Jimmy is a GMC 18 wheeler truck. and a White is a White Freightliner. via

What years did GMC make the Jimmy?

History/Description: The last-generation GMC Jimmy was a 4x4 SUV model available to Canadian shoppers from model years 1997 to 2005 inclusive. Built on a truck frame and featuring a transfer case-based 4-wheel drive system, it offered family-ready functionality and actual off-road workability. via

What car is called a Jimmy?

GMC Jimmy Models, Generations & Redesigns | via

What is the nickname for GMC?

The Jimmy continued as a member of the GMC lineup until 1991, when the full-size Jimmy was replaced by the Yukon. A compact version continued to boast the Jimmy name until it was replaced by the Envoy in 2002. via

Is a Jimmy reliable?

GMC Jimmy Reliability Problems

Using our PainRank™ system we've ranked it 7th in overall reliability out of 15 GMC models , with real engine and fuel system concerns. via

What is a Jimmy 8?

Its high power/torque ratio and suitability for towing, driving or pulling makes an eight cylinder V8, common in pickup trucks, SUV's and sportscars, especially in long drive trucks. Depending on which size of cylinders there are in it, it usually measures between four and six liters in displacement. via

Did GMC make a semi truck?

The GMC General (also known as the Chevrolet Bison) is a heavy-duty (Class 8) truck that was assembled by the GMC Truck and Coach Division of General Motors.
GMC General.

Chevrolet Bison GMC General
Assembly United States: Pontiac, Michigan (Pontiac Central Assembly)
Body and chassis
Class Class 8 truck
Layout FR layout (4x2, 6x4)


What is a GMC Typhoon worth?

A: The average price of a GMC Typhoon is $25,621. Q: What years was the GMC Typhoon sold? A: The GMC Typhoon was sold for model year 1992. via

What are K5 Blazers worth?

A: The average price of a K5 Blazer is $43,952. via

What was the first year of the GMC Jimmy?

The first generation of GMC Jimmy was introduced for the 1970 model year, and was offered as a full size SUV fitted with a removable hardtop roof. via

Who makes Jimmy cars?

The Suzuki Jimny (Japanese: スズキ・ジムニー, Suzuki Jimunī) is a series of four-wheel drive off-road mini SUVs, manufactured and marketed by Japanese automaker Suzuki since 1970. via

Whats Chevys answer to the Bronco?

First-Gen Ford Bronco and First-Gen Chevrolet Blazer

Ford did a lot to advance the SUV segment when it debuted the original Bronco in 1966. via

Is Jeep a GM motor?

Although it's quintessentially American, the Jeep brand is part of the multinational automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), which is based in Turin, Italy, but has a North American headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan (and is incorporated in the Netherlands for tax purposes). via

Does GM make Jeep parts?

If you are still wondering if Jeep is GM, the simple answer is no. Jeep is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. via

Is GM Chrysler?

It was reorganized and adopted its current name, Chrysler Group LLC, in 2009, and in 2014 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat SpA. It was for many years the third largest (after General Motors Corporation and the Ford Motor Company) of the “Big Three” automakers in the United States. via

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