What years were Chevy squares?

The Square Body Chevy is the third generation of Chevrolet C/K trucks. Named for its iconic box-body design, the Square Body was in production from 1973 until 1987. via

How do you Relevel a door? (video)


How do you adjust a door when it's hitting the bottom?

If the top of the door (above where the lock and door handle are located) is hitting or rubbing the top edge of the door frame, then you need to add a cardboard shim to the very bottom hinge. This will make the door push slightly outward from the bottom meaning the top will be pushed slightly inward. via

Can you adjust car doors?

Open the door and look at the two hinges (top and bottom). Loosen the bolt slightly but don't remove it. Now, adjust the door in whatever direction you noticed was an issue. When you find the right spot, hold it as solidly as possible and tighten the bolt. via

Why won't my car door close all the way?

A stuck, binding or rusted door latch, or a door latch that was accidentally closed when the door was open, will keep a door from closing. Try spraying some WSD-40 or oil on the latch mechanism. Wait a few minutes and then remove any grunge or grime from the latch with a clean rag. via

What causes a car door to drop?

Worn hinge pins and bushings: If your car door sags more dramatically (i.e. is visible to the naked eye), it's likely the hinge pins and bushings are worn or damaged, which can be caused by frequently slamming it shut or simply from wear and tear from the elements. via

How do you fix a car door that won't close unless slammed? (video)


How do you change a door latch on a 2000 Chevy Silverado? (video)


How do you take the door panel off a 1997 Chevy 1500? (video)


How do you change a door handle on a Chevy Colorado? (video)


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