Does the Accessport turn off automatically?

Member. Anyone have the issue where your Accessport stays powered on after shutting the car off? The auto shut-off option is selected. This doesn't happen every time. via

Can I leave my Cobb Accessport plugged in?

You can leave it plugged in if you want to monitor your engine parameters or you can unplug it if you want. But once flashed, the ECU does not need to see the AP to function properly. via

Can I just unplug my Cobb Accessport?

The Accessport does not need to be plugged into the vehicle for the calibration to be in effect. You can disconnect the Accessport at this time or leave it plugged in to use any of the many features outlined below. Please note that the Accessport is designed to work with only one vehicle at a time. via

How do I reset my Accessport?

  • Link your Accessport to your vehicle and turn it on.
  • Select "Gauges" from the main menu.
  • Go up and select "Setup"
  • Scroll up or down until the gauge you want to change is selected.
  • Select "Reset All" (resets all gauges) or Reset Current (only resets the currently selected gauge)
  • via

    How do I turn on my Accessport? (video)

    How do I update my Cobb Accessport? (video)

    What does reset ECU Do Cobb Accessport?

    Reset ECU - Clears trouble codes as well as any learned values in the ecu (ignition or fuel learning) for example DAM in Subaru or OAR/KOM in Ford vehicles. Reset Codes - Clears check engine lights/trouble codes but leaves any learned values intact. via

    How much does Cobb charge to Unmarry an Accessport?

    Cobb can unmarry an AP for $325, so add that to what people charge for used married APs and there isn't usually much value there. Married Cobbs are sold by people who forget to unmarry them before selling, or total the car or don't want to lose the map on the car when selling it, or selling the AP. via

    How do I get my Cobb Accessport out of demo mode?

    Go to "Accessport" --> "Settings" --> "Exit Demo Mode". via

    What is happening with Cobb Tuning? (video)

    What is a Cobb Protune?

    a protune is when a tuner actually tunes your car whether it be a road tune or a dyno tune. but everything is set according to your mods and your engine. The cobb stage 1 or 2 maps are just generic maps that everyone can use. via

    What is Accessport manager?

    Accessport Manager is software for your computer that allows you to transfer calibrations and datalogs between your computer and your Accessport. It also maintains the firmware upgrade process for your Accessport. via

    How do I reset my ECU WRX? (video)

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