What type of transmission fluid does a 1995 Acura Legend take?

FRAM Transmission Fluid - Full Synthetic Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid: 1 Quart (Part No. F426) via

How do you check the transmission fluid on a Acura Legend?

  • Turn your Acura on. You'll want your engine warmed up, so you can best check the levels.
  • Locate the transmission fluid dipstick.
  • Remove the dipstick and touch the fluid.
  • Get a rag and wipe off the dipstick.
  • Use a funnel to bring the level up to full.
  • via

    Can Honda transmission fluid be used Acura?

    Although each have their own part number, both fluids under the two part numbers above are the same. This means that you can use the Honda fluid in an Acura or the Acura fluid in a Honda car. via

    How do you put transmission fluid in a 2005 Acura? (video)


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