Is Acura killing the NSX?

Honda Acura is ending the NSX after 2022. Here's why they decided they nix the fastest JDM legend, and why it makes us so sad. In 2022 the NSX will have one last ho-rah with the Type-S which glory is split with its siblings in the Acura-Honda family. via

Is the NSX reliable?

The 2016 Honda NSX is relatively new, so it's impossible to give a concrete assessment of its reliability at this stage. As a manufacturer, Honda does have a reputation for excellent reliability and build quality, which bodes well for its new models. via

Is the Acura NSX a supercar?

Yes, the NSX is a supercar in the truest sense of the word – at least by the standards of its day. You've got the crucial elements all in one vehicle: Mid-engine placement. Rear-wheel drive. via

Is the NSX being discontinued?

Acura will produce 300 upgraded NSX Type S models for the U.S. market in 2022 as a proper send-off. With that, this generation of the NSX will come to an end with no successor in sight. In a field of exceptional options, the NSX simply struggled to stand out. via

How many NSX are in the US?

2022 Acura NSX Type S Highlights:

Limited production of only 350 units, with 300 for U.S. market. via

Is the NSX sold in Japan?

Honda Discontinues Sales Of 2020 NSX In Japan, U.S. 2021MY Unaffected. When the rebirth of the iconic NSX nameplate finally came to fruition, the world was impressed. Honda had done it again. And while the new creation was realistically a world away from the original, it had to, in order to be relevant. via

Why can Ferrari not be driven daily?

Daily driving is obviously going to up the mileage, which will affect the value if it gets sold down the line. Also, if you drive a Ferrari on a daily basis you will incur higher maintenance costs. via

Is a GTR a good daily driver?

The GT-R is one of Nissan's most powerful and icon cars. Nissan advertises it as a supercar you can drive every day. While it may be limited in seating capacity and fuel economy, it has great storage and is comfortable enough to be a daily driver. via

How long will a Ferrari engine last?

Unlike older models, the engines on modern Ferrari models are more durable and longer-lasting than ever. With proper care and maintenance, the average Ferrari engine should last up to 80,000 miles or more. In fact, some owners have reported cases of engines lasting up to 150,000 miles. via

Will the new NSX be a collector car?

The Acura NSX will become a collectible supercar

Although you could argue that the Acura NSX is already a collectible supercar, nothing makes something more exclusive and exciting as knowing that no more will ever be produced. via

How well is Acura NSX selling?

After a 7-year hiatus, the long-awaited second generation Acura NSX was introduced in 2015.
Vehicle Sales Data & Charts.

Acura NSX
2019 238
2018 170
2017 581
2016 269


How fast is a NSX?

The Acura NSX Type S comes with specs like 300 horses, 0-60 mph time of under three seconds, 190 mph top speed, and is limited to 350 examples worldwide. via

How fast is Honda NSX?

With 270 horses and 210 lb-ft torque, the NSX was capable of a 0-60 MPH in the four-five second range, with a top speed of 163 MPH. via

What is the craziest car in the world?

Top 10 Craziest Cars Ever

  • Bond Bug.
  • Amphicar Model 770.
  • Peel P50.
  • Messerschmitt KR200.
  • Nissan S-Cargo.
  • Stout Scarab.
  • ISO Isetta. Next we have the ISO Isetta.
  • Ferrari 512S Modulo. We start off our unbelievable list with a car that was developed to be as fast as possible, and so has quite an uncommon design to make it that way.
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    What is the world's loudest car?

    Top 5 Loudest Cars Ever Tested

  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Everything about the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is nothing short of monstrous.
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R.
  • Porsche 911 Carrera S.
  • Lexus LC 500.
  • Porsche Carrera GT.
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