Does Acura RSX have back seats?

For exceptional versatility, the RSX is equipped with 50/50 split-folding rear seats that greatly extend the cargo capacity of the cargo area. via

Is the Acura RSX a 4 seater?

Four people fit inside the RSX, which features two front bucket seats and a 50/50-split, folding rear seat. via

Is the Acura RSX a 2 seater?

Four people fit in the RSX, with two front bucket seats and a 50/50-split, folding rear seat. The upholstery is a blend of regular and suede-look fabric in the base coupe, while the Type-S gets perforated leather; leather is optional in the base model. via

Why did they discontinue the RSX?

The Integra's direct descendant, the RSX, was equally popular. However, these two models were eventually discontinued. The reason was simple. Acura wasn't interested in keeping a performance coupe as part of the model lineup. via

How fast is Acura RSX?

The Acura RSX has a top speed of 140 mph, which is pretty fast for a car of that size. via

Is the Acura RSX a sports car?

When going over the litany of low-cost, entry-level sports cars to purchase, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. There's something for everyone, regardless of your personal preference/goals. One popular vehicle in this list is an American alternative to a Honda sports car: the Acura RSX. via

What does Acura RSX stand for?

RSX. Rally Sport Experimental (Acura) via

Are all RSX manual?

The RSX comes with either a quick-shifting 5-speed manual transmission or an electronically controlled, 5-speed automatic transmission with Acura's Sequential SportShift system. via

What RSX has VTEC?

The high-performance version, found under the hood of the RSX Type-S, uses VTEC for the exhaust valves as well and musters 200 horsepower at a stratospheric 7400 rpm, along with 142 pound-feet of torque at 6000 rpm. via

How much does an Acura RSX cost?

About the Acura RSX

Hatchback Original MSRP/Price Drive
RSX 2dr Cpe AT Leather $22375 / $20415 FWD
RSX 2dr Cpe MT $20325 / $18548 FWD
RSX 2dr Cpe MT Leather $21475 / $19595 FWD
RSX 2dr Cpe Type-S 6-spd MT Leather $23845 / $21753 FWD


Why do people like RSX?

Compared to today's crop of much-larger compact cars, the RSX feels nimble, agile and easier to drive than most. It's larger than the Type R, but the fun-to-drive spirit is still there. The seats are still comfortable, the VTEC system still makes fun noises, and the interior still feels upscale, even by 2021 standards. via

Is RSX a good car?

Like most Acura vehicles, the RSX boasts a high level of refinement as well as a reputation for above-average reliability, competitive pricing and strong resale value. In road tests, our editors found the RSX's main performance strengths to be nimble handling and responsive steering. via

What replaced the RSX?

If you didn't already know, the Acura Integra is about to die. In its place Acura will roll out the RSX this July, to the delight of every Acura dealer in the country, says the automaker. via

What is the Acura RSX called in Japan?

Honda Integra (fourth generation)

Honda Integra Fourth generation (DC5)
Also called Acura RSX (North America)
Production July 2001 – August 2006
Model years 2002–2006
Assembly Japan: Suzuka, Mie (Suzuka Plant)


Does the RSX base have VTEC?

The RSX is powered by a 16-valve, DOHC i-VTEC 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 155 horsepower SAE net (Rev 8/04)* at 6500 rpm and 139 lb-ft. of torque SAE net (Rev 8/04) at 4000 rpm. The RSX features either a 5-speed manual transmission or an available 5-speed Sequential SportShift automatic transmission. via

Is Acura RSX Type S automatic?

Drivers who like to stick to an automatic transmission probably won't enjoy the 2002 Acura RSX Type S. That's because the vehicle is only available as a six-speed manual. via

Is Acura RSX a JDM car?

The Acura RSX is actually a rebadged JDM spec Honda Integra DC5, so while it's technically not just a rebadged Civic, it still looks familiarly like a Honda. via

How many miles does a RSX last?

Just like any engine it is how you take care of it, anywhere from 60,000 to a good 300,000 miles. 3 people found this helpful. the motors in these cars, with proper maintenance are complete gold. the main thing with this car is the structure of the car will deteriorate around 180-200,000. via

Are Acura RSX expensive to maintain?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Acura RSX ranges from $95 to $2261, with an average of $286. via

When did Acura stop making the RSX?

The Acura RSX was a sales success

According to Good Car Bad Car, Acura sold over 30,000 RSX's for the 2002 model year and kept sales about the 20,000 mark for the subsequent years up until 2006, which was the last model year for the car. via

What does NSX stand for Acura?

The 2019 Acura NSX (which now stands for "New Sports eXperience") is a very different animal compared with the original car. via

What does TL stand for Acura?

The TL "Touring Luxury" debuted as 1996 model, first with the 1996 2.5 TL available with the 2.5 L 176 hp (131 kW) SOHC 20-valve 5-cylinder engine from the Vigor. The 3.2 TL used the 3.2 L 200 hp (149 kW) SOHC 24v V6 from the second generation Acura Legend. via

How many gears does a RSX have?

5-speed automatic/manual transmission. via

Does RSX have automatic transmission?

Automatic and manual transmissions are available in either model of the RSX. via

Is the K20A3 a good motor?

The K20A3 has the power of a B16, more torque though. It is a decent motor compared to the B-series. I look at the price of the swap though and extra cost of the K20A2 compared to the K20A3 seems negligable. via

Does RSX have K20?

The RSX type S has the K20A2 in it. With that motor you also get a 6-speed tranny, true DOHC VTEC and a redline of 8000 RPMs. The 02-up Civic SI and base RSX have the K20A3 in them. via

Does Acura RSX have K20?

Special note: The K20A3 engine used in the Acura RSX base has a slightly different intake manifold design from the K20A3 engine used in the Civic Si. The RSX engine uses a dual-stage manifold, similar in concept to the manifold of the B18C1 in the old Integra GSR. via

What car has a k24 engine?

Honda K24A

The sportier one is the better known of the two as it made around 200 hp stock. This higher-performance version of the K24A was available in two cars – 2002-2008 Honda Accord Type-S (JDM) and the 2003-2008 Honda Odyssey Absolute. via

Does Acura own Honda?

Hartford drivers often ask us, “Does Honda make Acura?” The answer is yes! Honda, the parent company, launched Acura in 1986. When Honda introduced its luxury brand to the U.S., it was originally known as Channel II. Today the Acura brand is as world-renowned as the Honda brand. via

What's the difference between RSX Type S and Type R?

The Acura RSX Type R is the high performance version of the RSX. The R stands for race, while a Type S stands for sport version. While these two cars are quite similar, there are differences. The R has a slightly bigger engine, 220hp versus 200hp. via

Is the RSX safe?

Safety. The Acura RSX comes with standard four-wheel antilock disc brakes and side airbags for front occupants. In government crash tests, the RSX received five out of five stars for driver and front-passenger protection in frontal impacts. In side-impact tests, it received four stars for front-occupant protection. via

Is there a Acura RSX Type R? (video)

Will an RSX fit in a 17x9?

Do 17x9 +22 wheels on 245/40 tires fit on a 2006 Acura RSX FWD with BC Racing Coilovers? Yes they do! via

Can I buy RSX?

How To Buy RSX. VanEck Vectors Russia ETF (RSX) is an ETF listed on the BATS exchange, which means you can buy the stock from most brokers. Follow the steps below to learn how to purchase shares of the stock. via

What kind of gas does a 2004 Acura RSX take?

Unleaded Premium Unleaded

Battery 12V, maintenance-free
Recommended Fuel Unleaded Premium Unleaded
Layout Transverse-mounted, front engine, front-wheel drive
Transmission 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission with Sequential SportShift and Grade Logic Control 6-speed manual


What does Type S stand for?

Put simply, Type S badge means that the car is sportier. But Acura gets more specific saying that each car has to stop, turn, and go better than the standard model it's based on. See: 2021 Acura TLX Type S Coming In May, Will Start In The Low $50,000s. But the Type S mission isn't limited to just performance. via

What does Type R mean?

What Is a Type R? A Type R is a specific performance specification Honda utilizes for a select few enthusiast cars, such as the Civic Type R. Type Rs are the top-spec performance machines in the Honda/Acura universe, followed by the Si spec. “R,” for those wondering, stands for Racing. via

Is K20A3 VTEC?

The VTEC mechanism differ significantly between the K20A2 and A3 head. The K20A3 uses only two cam lobe profiles on the inlet. Under 2200 rpm, this engine is a effectively a 12 valve engine, and over 2200 rpm it is a 16 valve. There is no VTEC mechanism on the K20A3 exhaust valves. via

Is the Integra coming back?

Acura has revealed a prototype of the new Integra, a historic nameplate making its return after a long absence. It shares a chassis and a powertrain with the latest Honda Civic. The 2023 Integra hatchback will go on sale in the U.S. starting sometime in 2022. via

What Honda has a k20 engine?


Engine Application Compression
K20A (High Performance) 2001–2006 Honda Civic Type R (JDM) 11.5:1
2001–2006 Honda Integra Type R (JDM) 11.5:1
2002–2008 Honda Accord Euro R (JDM) 11.5:1
2007–2011 Honda Civic Type R (JDM) 11.7:1


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