Are front rotors different from rear?

The fitment front and rear are going to be extremely different. Not only is the diameter and braking surface completely different sizes, the rear disks have a separate machined area inside the hat (the part where it attaches to the hub) which is used for the parking brake. The front one has no such provision. via

Can you use front rotors on the rear?

Often front and rear rotors are different. Sometimes the front rotors are larger, and in many cases, rear rotors are slightly different to accommodate the parking brake. One quick option would be to find part numbers for front and rear rotors for your vehicle and see if they're the same part. via

Can I put thicker rotors on my car?

Yet, you should never only upgrade to bigger rotors. You should also upgrade your brake pads and calipers. A bigger rotor has more surface area for the pad to rub against. via

Why are front rotors bigger?

A smaller rotor up front offers better modulation

The larger rotors not only provide more power but they also put less strain on your forearms and shoulders since you don't need to pull the brakes as hard, keeping you fresher for longer and allowing you to ride more actively. via

What is the difference in brake rotors?

Brake Pads vs Rotors: What's the Difference? Rotors: Disc brakes, or brake rotors, are usually on the front two wheels of a car. Brake rotors are what your vehicle's brake pads clamp down on to stop the wheels from spinning. Brake Pads: The brake pads are what contact and apply pressure and friction to a car's rotors. via

How often do rear rotors need to be replaced?

Brake rotors generally need replacing every 15,000 to 70,000 miles, but the exact number depends on your driving style, brake pads, and vehicle. via

Can you turn just one rotor?

Yes , you can install just one disk/rotor without the other. BUT, the brake pads should ALWAYS be replaced on BOTH sides, AT THE SAME TIME. If you only replace pads on that one side with the new rotor, then you will run into the same problem later on, but on the other side. via

Can you use two different rotors?

Yes, rotors can be different thicknesses, as long as the active friction area is the same And they are above the minimum thickness. It is customary to fit new rotors in pairs when both are worn significantly and one is below the limit - new rotors and pads tend not to have brake balance problems after... via

Can I change my rotor size?

Only the Adapter changes. You must check your fork manufacturer for the maximum size of rotor the fork can be safely operated with. Also check frame clearances (at the rear) for enough clearance for the size of rotor you are selecting. Going up rotor sizes is specifically for more braking power. via

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