Why did they stop making Avalanche trucks?

The Chevy Avalanche was once a trendy option, so what exactly happened? Most evidence points to declining sales as the reason. By 2013 the Avalanche only sold 16,986 units while the Chevy Silverado sold 480,414 models. But around 2009, General Motors found itself in financial trouble. via

How much is a Snugtop rebel?

The Rebel has aluminum-framed glass sliding window with mesh screens, a hidden mounting system, wrap-around fiberglass railing, multiple roof rack options, a carpeted headliner, LED interior light, and much more. The Rebel also comes painted to match the truck, at a price of about $2,400. via

Are camper shells weight?

How heavy are camper shells, aka truck toppers? To start with the weight specifics, the standard size of camper shell or truck topper usually weighs around 300 pounds. This standard weight is considered light in the automobile industry. via

What is the point of a camper shell?

The top of the camper shell is usually even with or above the top of the truck cab. Even though use for camping may have been its initial purpose, it now seems most often to be used for utility and storage purposes - particularly the protection of cargo from the elements and theft. via

How much is a Snugtop Super Sport Price?

Depending on the company and model you select, the prices can vary. Although, generally, I would say the price ranges from $1900 – $3500. The Super Sport falls on the higher end of that scale, but it depends on how your local dealership prices it. via

How much weight can a Snugtop Shell hold?

The Snugtop Outback is the sturdiest specimen you'll ever have the good fortune to drive! Capable of carrying more than 500 lbs of recreational gear. Charge into the wilderness with this beast, and leave no piece of gear behind! via

Are camper shells safe?

The new California law excluded vehicles with camper shells because of objections from Gov. Pete Wilson, who has maintained that shells offer adequate protection in most accidents. via

How much weight can you put on a camper shell?

How much weight can a camper shell hold? A camper shell can hold a large amount of weight. Most can hold up to 300 pounds, but some models can carry 400 pounds or more. This is usually distributed so that the person in the back seat doesn't sit on the roof. via

How much does a truck camper reduce gas mileage?

Fuel Economy

For example, a gasoline-powered one-ton truck hauling a 3,000 pound truck camper at 60 mph, will typically get 9 to 10 mpg, while a similar size truck with a diesel engine doing the same speed will easily achieve 14 mpg. via

How much do truck caps weigh?

How much does a truck cap weigh? Toppers typically weigh between 170 to 200 lbs, with shorter beds being on the low end and longer beds on the upper range. Generally, the lighter the topper, the better the fuel economy. via

How do you remove a camper shell alone? (video)


Who makes are camper shells?

LEER Camper Shells

We are Southern California's leading seller of LEER products. We offer complete installation and can help you find the perfect fit for your truck. via

How do you waterproof a truck cap? (video)


Are camper shells serial numbers?

Your serial number will be located on the inside roof of the product and will start with a letter followed by a series of digits. Your local A.R.E. dealer is your #1 resource and can assist with: All pricing for truck caps, tonneau covers, parts and repairs. via

Is Toyota Tacoma V Series? (video)


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