What cars are good for LS swaps?

The Cars Most in Need of an LS Swap

  • Mazda Miata. Mazda Miata with an LS3 - Speed Academy on youtube.com.
  • Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86. Subaru BRZ with an LS3 - Supercar Videos on youtube.com.
  • Porsche Cayman. Porsche Cayman with an LS3 - Driftworks on youtube.com.
  • Mazda FD RX-7.
  • BMW E36.
  • DeLorean DMC-12.
  • Volkswagen Beetle.
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    Can I LS swap any vehicle?

    First, start with a car that can be easily swapped. LS conversion kits are available for just about every popular GM car or truck. There are also a few Fords and imports that have the full support of the performance aftermarket when it comes to LS swaps. via

    How much HP can a stock 5.3 block handle?

    If we were to run the 5.3L in stock trim, the resulting power output would be around 360 hp (on this dyno, the way we test). via

    What cars carry LS engines?

    Coolest LS-Powered Vehicles On Motorious

  • 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 650HP LS7.
  • 1998 Corvette Pace Car.
  • 2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS.
  • 2002 Pontiac Trans Am Firehawk.
  • 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 LS1 Restomod.
  • 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle LS3 Restomod.
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    What cars can fit a LS7?

    GM 7.0 Liter V8 LS7 Engine

    Displacement: 7.0L / 427 cu. in.
    Vehicles: Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Camaro Z/28
    Introduced: 2006 model year
    Discontinued: 2015
    Predecessor: LS2 / Gen 3 Small Block


    How does a Ls stand alone harness work?

    A standalone harness is used just for engine control, i.e. the basics. Compared to a factory wiring harness, a standalone harness is a bit smaller and features less connections. This is because it is not intended to run a lot of the additional options, like cruise control or fuel management. via

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