What does a hiss tune do? (video)


What does lbf tune mean?

The LBF is in the tuning/ ECM to provide more fuel at lower boost #'s to help spool the turbo quicker creating better response down low. I used to run the LBF tune when i had the stock turbo and CP4 and loved it. 2016 LML Denali 2500. via

What are EZ link tokens?

An EZ Lynk “token” is a unit of time during which data is exchanged between a driver and a technician via the EZ Lynk Cloud. According to EZ Lynk's website, technicians can purchase tokens by emailing a request to tokens@ezlynk.com. via

How do you make a Duramax whistle? (video)


Why does my Duramax hiss?

Your turbo vane position stays at 85% closed at idle. That makes the hiss. If you can get to it in HPs software you need to turn it down to about 10% closed. That will create the rumble. via

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