What kind of pressure washer do you need for a foam cannon? (video)


How big of a pressure washer do I need for a foam cannon?

Most foam lances require a minimum of ~2 gallons per minute (GPM), but the more basic (and affordable) electric pressure washers are generally around 1.2-1.6 GPM, well below the 2 GPM minimum. via

Can you use a foam cannon with any pressure washer?

The foam cannon will still work if you are using a less powerful pressure washer. Some Ryobi, or Greenworks' models which are rated for around 1.2 GPM and 1600 Psi. However, you should expect the foam to be more runny. We recommend that you start with whatever pressure washer you have. via

Can you use a foam cannon with a 4000 psi pressure washer?

Never exceed 4,000 PSI with any foam cannon. Minimum gallon per minute (GPM) rating is 1.8; we suggest using a 2.0 GPM rated pressure washer, do not exceed 5.3 GPM. via

What pressure washer do Chemical Guys use?

Chemical-resistant seals and O-rings stand up to Chemical Guys soaps and ensure leak-free operation. The Professional Max Foam 8 Cannon works with any gas or electric pressure washer 500-3,500 PSI. Never exceed 4,200 PSI with either cannon. Minimum 1.4 GPM; 2.0 GPM recommended; Never Exceed 5.3 GPM. via

How do I make my foam cannon more foamy? (video)


Is PSI or GPM more important for foam cannon?

For foam, more GPM the better, and PSI you want to run your washer at about 1400-1500 for car washing. via

Do you scrub after foam cannon?

It's the soap that really does all the work to remove dirt –no scrubbing required. Since a foam cannon applies much more soap than a wash mitt ever could (even those that hold a lot of suds), you really don't have to use any pressure at all when using a mitt. via

How do you hook up a foam cannon to a electric pressure washer? (video)


Can I use Dawn in my foam cannon? (video)


Should I rinse before snow foam?

We always rinse first: that way you dislodge as much surface grime, mud and brake dust etc as possible allowing the foam to work on the more deep-seated dirt. via

What is the difference between foam gun and foam cannon?

Whereas a Foam Cannon will lay down a thick shaving-cream-like layer of white foam over the entire surface, the Foam Gun with a water hose simply does not have enough water pressure to create such a thick foam, but it will still cover the surface in thick suds to help loosen and lift dirt more easily. via

Can I use regular car wash soap in a foam cannon?

Can You Use Regular Car Wash Soap in a Foam Gun? Regular car wash soap and car shampoo can be effectively applied with a foam gun. Car soap mixes with water in the foam gun's canister to produce a frothy mixture. The frothy mix is then released onto the car via a spray nozzle for a pre-wash preparation or a quick wash. via

What is the soap to water ratio for foam cannon?

If this is your first time using a snow foam cannon or the foam gun on your pressure washer, it can be a challenge to get the right snow foam consistency. We recommend starting with a baseline mixture of 1:16, that is, 1 part concentrate to 16 parts water. via

What is the proper tip for pressure washing a car?

The Safest Types Of Pressure Washer Nozzles for Car

These are the 25° and the 40° and the optional, 65° (black). The 0° (red) and 15° (yellow) could damage the paintwork of the car. However, experts prefer using the 15° nozzle tip with a safe distance and lower PSI to get rid of tough mud and dirt from 4x4s. via

Is 3000 PSI too much for a car?

Using 3000 PSI and a nozzle of 0 degrees or 15 degrees is too much for the body of your car, and there is a high chance that you will damage the paint. via

Does foam cannon use Mr Pink?

Pink makes this high-tech detailing shampoo perfect for foam cannons and foam guns. Mr. Pink is the perfect way to remove dirt, grime, and debris while maintaining the quality of your paintwork. via

Why does my foam cannon not foam?

Getting watery foam or no foam at all? There are many factors that would result is your foam cannon not working correctly, most often it's because of not rinsing the nozzle after use. This simple step after use can and will ensure your foam cannon shoots out thick suds for a long time! Seriously, it works. via

Can you use Simple Green in a foam cannon?

Pour Simple Green into snow foam cannon . Apply solution to car surface with snow foam cannon. Rinse with 40 degree nozzle tip. Dry immediately with chamois or non-abrasive, clean towel. via

Can I use Dawn dish soap in my pressure washer?

You can use Dawn dish soap in your pressure washer, but you need to dilute it properly with hot water. Take 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap and dilute it in 1-1.5 quarts of hot water. However, the results of cleaning with Dawn dish soap might not be as effective as some special pressure washer detergents. via

Why is my snow foam watery?

Common problems can include mixing the snow foam at the wrong ratio – usually, mixing in too much water and diluting the foam. Remember, when you spray your snow foam mixture onto your car, you're basically diluting it again as it'll mix with the water jet coming from your pressure washer. via

What is a snow foam cannon? (video)


Do you need wash mitt with foam cannon?

Using a pressure washer and a foam cannon can greatly speed up your car wash process. You can even just use foam soap and a pressure washer to clean lightly soiled vehicles, without any scrubbing with a wash mitt. via

Are foam cannons worth it?

To be clear, a foam cannon doesn't make a difference when used the way most people use it. Using a snow foam that's intended to strip wax and grease or stronger cleaners in a foam gun will actually boost the cleaning ability. The problem is that most people just use the same ph-neutral soap that's in their wash bucket. via

Do you need to hand wash after foam cannon? (video)


How do you attach a foam cannon to a Karcher pressure washer? (video)


How do you hook up a Ryobi foam cannon to a pressure washer? (video)


Can you use any car soap in pressure washer?

Unfortunately, most regular car shampoos will not work in a pressure washer. Regular car shampoos are meant to be applied by hand and should not be used with a pressure washer. Certain ordinary car shampoos may work with pressure washers. However, they are incompatible for the most part. via

Can you use house cleaner in a foam cannon? (video)


Can I put bleach in a foam cannon?

Can You Use Bleach in a Foam Cannon? I suggest using about 3 ounces of dawn soap and fill the rest of the foam cannon with pure bleach. You don't need to dilute the bleach because the pressure washer or garden hose water will do the dilution process. via

What is the benefit of a foam cannon?

People use them for all sorts of things, but when attached to a foam cannon, they will shoot insane amounts of suds that will make any driveway look like a winter wonderland. Thick foaming suds lubricate the surface of your car, allowing your wash mitt to glide over the surface without installing swirls or scratches. via

Can you use snow foam with a pressure washer?

How Do I Use Snow Foam? Snow foam can be tricky to use at first, but with a bit of experimenting, you'll find it helps make your car washing routine much easier and more effective. You can't use snow foam like regular soap with a sponge and a bucket. You'll need to use a pressure washer and a snow foam lance. via

Can you use normal car shampoo in a snow foam lance?

In a one-litre lance bottle, you're going to want to add around one - two inches of snow foam liquid, and then fill the remainder with fresh, warm water. A regular car shampoo will still work to some extent, but you're more likely to get better results with products specifically made for the task. via

How often should you snow foam?

A 5 litre bottle of snow foam should last you around 6-8 months if not more depending on how often you wash your car(s). via

What is the best soap to wash your car with?

Best Car Wash Soaps

  • Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax.
  • Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo.
  • Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap and Cleanser.
  • Adam's Car Wash Shampoo.
  • Armor All Car Wash.
  • via

    What is a foam lance?

    An apparatus that attaches to a pressure washer to produce suds from a soap or detergent to help wash the vehicle's exterior. via

    How do you use a spray foam gun? (video)


    Is snow foam same as shampoo?

    Snow foams are applied to a car before shampoo to remove as much dirt as possible without using a wash mitt, so they have higher cleaning power than shampoos. Car shampoos are used after snow foaming to remove any remaining dirt with a wash mitt so provide better lubrication to reduce the risk of scratches. via

    What can you put in a foam cannon?

    Your foam cannon uses advanced technology to mix the perfect mixture of air, water, and soap to shoot thick foam. Use warm water to help aerate the soap and water mixture, so you can effortlessly shoot thick suds. via

    Can you use wax soap in foam cannon? (video)


    How much is Mr Pink in foam cannon?

    Just add 1-3 oz. of Mr. Pink to a 5 gallon wash bucket or to a 32 oz. solution tank for your foam cannon or foam gun and you are ready to experience a foam frenzy. via

    Can Snow foam damage your car?

    Unlike a car shampoo, snow foam doesn't contain any lubricant to help cloths glide over your car's surface, so wiping it off can cause scratches on your paintwork. via

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