Can you mix tires on AWD?

"Using "matched" tires means all four tires are the same brand, design and tread depth. Mixing tire brands, tread designs and tread depths may cause components in the vehicle's driveline to fail." This necessitates that four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles use tires that are very closely matched. via

When should I buy car tires?

Although you should get new tires any time they need to be replaced, in general, the best month to buy tires is either October or April. While some parts of the country might not need to worry about different tires for different seasons, we have plenty of rough weather to deal with here in Illinois. via

Why are OEM tires so expensive?

Why Are OEM Tires More Expensive? OEM tires are often more expensive than aftermarket tires because of supply issues. Car manufacturers produce OEM tires with unique custom traits that fit perfectly with the new car you bought. via

Do new tires improve ride quality?

A Better Driving Experience

New tires with deeper functioning treads and designs are great for long trips because they provide the driver with a smoother ride. Also, new tires are less noisy when compared to worn out tires. via

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