What size wheels are best for jam skating?

Ideally a soft outdoor wheel would be around 62mm although some people may prefer a slightly smaller wheel for added agility. Skatepark skaters and jam skaters may wish to use a smaller size wheel for more control over movements and a lower centre of gravity around 55-59mm. via

How do I get better at jam skating? (video)


Is jam skating hard?

Unfortunately, jam skating isn't easy. The advanced skaters make it look easy but you'll find out pretty soon that it takes years of practice to become that good. You'll probably start with wobbly legs and the shakes that will inevitably result in many falls. via

How do you jam skate for beginners? (video)


What is roller skate dancing called?

Artistic free skating (also known as freestyle) incorporates figure skating jumps, spins, and footwork into a program set to music. Most of the jumps done by freestyle roller skaters are similar to those performed in ice skating, with some nomenclature changed. via

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