Is the R nine T reliable?

The 1170cc air-cooled boxer motor is a thoroughly tried and tested unit and has powered every one of BMW's boxer range, so reliability is most certainly not an issue on the R nineT. via

Is the R nine T fast?

This means the R nine T is fast and flexible, super-stable and inspires massive confidence in corners, as well as looking great reflected in shop windows. It's also a premium device. via

Is the R nine T air-cooled?

BMW R nineT model lineup — In a nutshell

What all the BMW R nineT models have in common is the engine. In every variant it's the same 1,170 cc dual overhead cam air-cooled boxer twin, putting power down to the ground through a single plate dry clutch and a shaft drive. The engine is tuned the same in all models. via

What year did the BMW r9t come out?

When BMW Motorrad presented the R nineT in 2013, it was more than just a roadster modelled on a classic archetype: from the very outset it combined classic motorcycle design and modern technology with excellent craftsmanship and a wide range of customisation options. via

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