How bright are H3 bulbs?

For Lumens, AUXLIGHT H3 LED Fog Light Bulbs is 1500 lumens per bulb, yet the stock halogen bulbs is about 450 lumens per bulb. 300% brighter than stock bulbs. via

How many lumens is an H3 bulb?

H3 LED Daytime Running Light Bulb with Focusing Lens - 400 Lumens | Super Bright LEDs. via

What is H1 high beam?

H1 bulbs are used to power the brighter, high-beam, headlight that illuminates the surroundings over a long range. H7 bulbs, on the other hand, turn on when the car is being used in the regular, low-beam setting. They light up a narrower and shorter range, which is adequate for daily driving. via

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