What does a beadlock do on a wheel?

A beadlock or bead lock is a mechanical device that secures the bead of a tire to the wheel of a vehicle. Tires and wheels are designed so that when the tire is inflated, the tire pressure pushes the bead of the tire against the inside of the wheel rim so that the tire stays on the wheel and the two rotate together. via

Do I need beadlocks for off-road?

Simple answer is, there not needed unless you are a serious rock crawler. Other point, they are illegal for road use in most states and therefor most tire shops will not install tires on them. via

How far can your tires stick out in Tennessee?

Tires exceeding past the fenders: Installing wheels that extend outside the fenders require a fender flare. They must be at least as wide as the tires and must have a clearance of not more than nine inches from the ground when the vehicle is empty. via

Are beadlock wheels hard to balance?

Despite the common belief that you can't balance beadlock wheels, Weld is here to dispel that myth. Because of how the tire and wheel beads engage, Weld recommends a seating time of 50-100 miles before balancing, this will allow the tire to naturally settle in and center itself on the wheel. via

How far can tires stick out past fenders in Florida?

Cars 3,500 pounds or more — 27 inches front; 29 inches rear; Trucks under 2,000 — 24 inches front; 26 inches rear; Trucks 2,000 pounds or more but less than 3,000 pounds — 27 inches front, and 29 inches rear; Trucks 3,000 pounds or more but not more than 5,000 pounds — 28 inches front; 30 inches rear. via

How often should you check beadlocks?

It is a good idea to check a couple times after the initial install to make sure they are all tight but EVERY 200 miles seems excessive. via

How do you maintain beadlock wheels?

Beadlock wheels are not maintenance free. With a regular set of wheels, you can usually mount up tires and be good to go for many miles with occasional tire pressure checks. With beadlocks, it is prudent to check all the bolts regularly to ensure they are all still intact and staying tight. via

How do you put beadlocks on rims? (video)


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