What did the Watsons name their car?

When we read the words Brown Bomber, the first thing we think of sure isn't a car. After all, Shmoop's car is just named Wendy. via

What is the Brown Bomber in Watsons Go to Birmingham Chapter 1?

Dad went out to try and get the Brown Bomber started. That was what we called our car. It was a 1948 Plymouth that was dull brown and real big, Byron said it was turd brown. Uncle Bud gave it to Dad when it was thirteen years old and we'd had it for two years. via

What does the Brown Bomber represent?

Brown-bomber definition

A parking officer, employed to issue parking tickets (ie. fines) to vehicles parked illegally or for longer than the permitted time. 1971: There is another kind called 'brown bombers'. via

What did Kenny's dad install in the car?

In chapter 8 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, Dad fixes up the Brown Bomber, their old car. He brings home a big surprise: an ''Ultra-Glide'' record player, which was installed in the car. via

What type of car was the Brown Bomber?

1948 Plymouth was the Brown Bomber which was the Watson's Family car. They used this car to drive to Birmingham after they fixed it up. 1948 Plymouth was the Brown Bomber which was the Watson's Family car. They used this car to drive to Birmingham after they fixed it up. via

What is the Ultra Glide?

The Ultra Glide record player was sold in America from the late 1950s to approximately 1968. The Ultra Glide was typically installed on a car's dashboard, playing records smoothly despite car vibrations. Ultra Glides were not usually sold with the car. Ultra Glides were packaged with a case for holding records. via

What car is the Brown Bomber in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

1948 Plymouth was the Brown Bomber which was the Watson's Family car. They used this car to drive to Birmingham after they fixed it up. 1948 Plymouth was the Brown Bomber which was the Watson's Family car. via

What is Joetta's nickname?

Joetta is nicknamed Joey. She is the sister of Byron and Kenny. She is a well-mannered young lady. Joetta is considered a big cry baby because whenever Byron gets in trouble she cries and begs her parents not to hurt him. via

What happened to Kenny's good leather gloves?

Kenny decides to give his first pair of gloves to Rufus. He tells Momma he lost them and she gives him his second pair. Now the two friends are both armed and ready for snowball fights. Things are great for a few days until Kenny's new pair of brown leather gloves disappears from the closet at school. via

What does the Wool Pooh symbolize?

Whatever else it might be, the Wool Pooh is definitely a symbol for death. It shows up first when Kenny is about to drown and then again at the church after the bomb goes off. Kenny is the only person who sees the Wool Pooh, and both times, he's really scared. via

What does Byron claim the Wool Pooh does?

What does Byron claim the Wool Pooh does? Hide underwater and snatch kids down with him. via

How does Byron get himself stuck to the car mirror?

How does Byron get himself stuck to the car mirror? He got stuck from kissing himself in the mirror. via

Why does Dad always hide his toothbrush?

Q. Why does Dad always hide his toothbrush? Because it always gets lost. via

Why did Byron change his hair?

Lesson Summary

In chapter 7 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, Byron learns that he can't pull one over on his parents. He gets his hair straightened, which they also call a process, a do, a butter, and a conk. Byron had it done because his friend Buphead had one and he wanted to look like a Mexican. via

What's the TT AB 700 Ultra Glide?

The TT AB-700 is a record player from the 1950's when it was popular. It is also called the ultra glide. it was an automatic record player attached to the dashboard of a car. The TT AB-700 was sold in american markets from late 1950's to 1968. via

Who is Larry Dunn in Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Larry Dunn is a bully who picks on Kenny and Rufus at school. Because Kenny is related to Byron, though, Larry doesn't treat him quite as badly as he otherwise might. Still, though, he steals Kenny's nice leather gloves and roughs him and Rufus up one day when it's really cold. via

Where is the Watson family going to go?

Momma and Dad announce that the whole family is going to take a road trip to Birmingham, Alabama (where Momma is from) to see Grandma Sands, and Byron is going to have to stay down South with her for the whole summer or until he learns to behave. via

What was the special addition to the car that even Byron liked?

He makes the whole family line up outside with their eyes closed. Then he reveals the latest addition to the Brown Bomber: a record player installed in the dashboard. via

How much did an Ultra Glide cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $26,089 $23,535
Options (Add)
Total Price $26,089 $23,535


How can Grandma Sands be described?

Grandma Sands is Momma's momma. She is infamous in the Watson house, but it's been over ten years since they last visited her, which means that Kenny and Joey have never even met her before. However, the kids have heard so many stories about how strict she is that Kenny says, "I was expecting a troll. via

What does Momma draw on the cover of her road trip notebook?

What has Momma put on the front of her notebook? 16. On the notebook was written in big, black letters the Watsons go to Birmingham 1963, she had even drawn a picture of a flower with a big fat silly bird trying to land on it but it was really bee. via

What is Daddy Watson's nickname for Moses Henderson?

You guys came real close to having a clown for a daddy named Hambone Henderson. . . ." "Daniel Watson, you stop right there. You're the one who started that 'Hambone' nonsense. Before you started that everyone called him his Christian name, Moses. via

Who is Kenny in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Kenny Watson

Kenny is the narrator of the story. He is ten years old, and in the fourth grade, when the story takes place. He is an exceptional reader, but has a lazy eye that frequently makes him the target of bullying. via

Why does Grandma Sands warn her grandchildren to avoid?

Why does Grandma Sands warn them to stay away from a certain place? It has whirlpools, and there have been drownings. It has a lot of snakes. Criminals hang out there. via

How old is Wilona Watson?

She is five years old, and is in kindergarten. Wilona Sands Watson - Usually called Momma. She's the mother of the three children and the wife of Daniel. A native of Birmingham, she slips into a thick southern accent when mad or excited and complains about Flint's harsh winters. via

Is The Watsons Go to Birmingham a true story?

The Watson family is fictional, but the characters and events in the story are based on Curtis' own upbringing in Flint. Like the narrator of the story, Curtis was also ten years old in 1963, and he remembers his parents' active involvement in picketing for the civil rights movement in Michigan during that time. via

How old is Byron in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Throughout the story, Christopher Paul Curtis first portrays Byron as a selfish and cruel character, but by the end, Byron changes into a more mature 13 year old. In the beginning of the novel, Byron is cruel. via

How does LJ trick Kenny?

LJ tricked Kenny to bury the dinosaur and after they left LJ went back and stole them. via

Why did Larry steal kennys gloves?

He wanted to give his gloves to Rufus. Other than to be a bully, what reason would Larry have to steal Kenny's gloves? own gloves to keep him warm. via

What is Kenny's nickname in the book?

How does Kenny earn the nickname "Poindexter"? They will start picking on him instead of Kenny. He is a good target to make fun of. via

Who saved Kenny's life?

And we'll take it, because in the end, Byron finally does become the big brother Kenny has always needed. Not to mention he saves Kenny's life. via

What does the Brown Bomber symbolize in Watsons Go to Birmingham?

The Brown Bomber is much more than just a car; it is a physical representation of the Watson family itself. The car has been with the Watsons through thick and thin, and it performs beautifully during its biggest challenge yet: the trip to Birmingham. via

Why does Kenny hide behind the couch?

Kenny hides behind the couch because he's waiting to see if the magic powers will work to make him feel better, too. Momma starts making Kenny do stuff with Rufus, but Kenny doesn't feel like playing with toys anymore, so he gives all his dinosaurs away. She also makes Kenny do stuff with Byron and Joey. via

Why does Kenny feel so weak?

Kenny feels so weak because of what happened at the lake yesterday with the 'Wool Pooh'. via

When Kenny tries to pull out the shiny black shoe Who does he think is pulling it back?

He pulls on the shoe, which was attached to a frilly white sock, like the one Joey had been wearing. A man whose face looks like the ''Wool Pooh'' to Kenny, pulls on the shoe, too, but Kenny gets it. In shock, Kenny walks back to Grandma Sands' house, still carrying the shoe. via

Why do you think Kenny is so eager to have a real mustache like his Dad's?

Kenny is eager to have a real mustache like his Dad because he can't wait to shave and it will make him look older. via

What does Byron do instead of scraping off the car windows with Kenny?

Byron kissed his image in the side mirror and his lips froze to the mirror. What happened to Byron when he and Kenny were scraping the ice off the car windows? What was Kenny's nickname for the family? What did Kenny call Byron after the incident with the ice on the car windows? via

What happened when Kenny and Byron were scraping the ice from the car?

Terms in this set (4) What happened when Kenny and Byron were scraping the ice from the car? A. Kenny broke off one of the windshield wipers with the ice scraper. via

Who eventually yanked Byron's face off of the mirror?

Now Byron is suspicious too and he starts yelling for help as Momma grabs his head and yanks him off the mirror. Ouch! Byron runs in the house crying. In the car on the way to Aunt Cydney's, Kenny finally takes advantage of the situation and invents a superhero called the Lipless Wonder in honor of Byron. via

What is Kenny's favorite song to play on the Ultra-Glide?

To win his wife Wilona over the to the idea of the record player –and its cost—Daniel Watson premieres the Ultra-Glide by playing her favorite tune on it, “Under the Boardwalk,” by the Drifters. As 10-year-old Kenny recalls in the book, “The arm dropped and a little hollow boom bounced around in the car. via

What is the Ultra-Glide in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Lesson Summary

He brings home a big surprise: an ''Ultra-Glide'' record player, which was installed in the car. After the family spends time enjoying the new record player, Momma tells them that they will be driving to Birmingham, Alabama to visit Grandma Sands, her mother. via

What did Mr and Mrs Watson announced after the family used the Ultra-Glide for a while?

Watson unveils the Ultra-Glide. Mrs. Watson thinks it was expensive, a waste of money and time. A new invention could be a record holder that slides in the dashboard so they can keep their best records in the car. via

What is special about Kenny's gloves?

Kenny tells us that the only good thing about Momma's fear of the cold is that they get to wear real leather gloves with rabbit's fur lining. She buys them two pairs each winter. via

How does Mr Watson punish Byron?

How does Mr. Watson punish Byron? He colors his hair pink. He shaves Byron's initials in his hair. via

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