What do you do when your power window wont go up?

  • Check the window safety lock-out switch.
  • Check the fuses.
  • Push the window switch up and down and listen.
  • Push the window switch and watch the dash gauges.
  • Try the other switches.
  • Swap switches if possible.
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    Why does my car window roll down but not up?

    If your car window will go down but not up, then the problem is likely a bad window switch. Identifying a malfunctioning window switch is sort of the opposite of diagnosing a bad window motor. via

    Where is the fuse for power window?

    Check the fuse first. Refer to your owner s manual for the location of the fuse panel (usually located under the dash on the driver side, on the driver s side kick panel, or on a side panel in the center console. via

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