Can you put turbo on rotary engine?

Alternatively, you can install a turbocharger on your existing six port engine. While this is possible, you will have a limited amount of boost you can actually get from the stock compression rotors (unless you wish to replace T2 rotors with T6). via

Is it possible to supercharge a rotary?

Yes, and it has a 700-watt power supply. It is thanks to heavy turbocharging that every high-power rotary build is so successful. As the engine's multiple rotors spin at speeds of around 13,000rpm, the engine roars through the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb, kicking up the force of forced induction. via

Can you put a turbo on RX-8?

You're unlikely to see more than a few horsepower increase from an N/A engine, but several RX-8's out there are achieving over 450hp after a turbo upgrade. For that reason, it hasn't stopped many RX-8 enthusiasts going ahead with their turbo upgrades, achieving the full potential that the Renesis truly has to offer. via

How can I get more power from my rotary engine?

The rotary engine is still a pump so opening it up helps it rev higher and make more power. Opening the inlet and exhaust ports is a big way to make more power at the engine. You still need the rest of the path to open up as well so opening the exhaust and intake path helps. via

Can you supercharge an RX7?

Camden Supercharger Kit Fits 79-92 Mazda Rx7s. Creates 9-11 psi. The Camden Supercharger System utilizes a roots type supercharger developed specifically for automotive engine applications. The present supercharger design has evolved from the first Camden Supercharger built in 1956. via

Are you supposed to redline rotary engines?

So high RPM is nothing to be afraid of at all, and high RPM is NOT abuse. In fact, the reverse is true. A rotary engine that spends too much time under 3,000rpm like a piston engine'ed car will likely be carbon choked to death. via

What does RX7 stand for?


Acronym Definition
RX-7 Rotary Experiment #7 (Mazda)


Why did the RX8 fail?

The Mazda RX8's engine problems

The main issue, Jalopnik reports, is that the RX8's 'Renesis' rotary wasn't built quite like the RX7's 13B. The Renesis engine's housing isn't as strong and can warp over time. In addition, Mazda had to modify the rotary engine's exhaust to comply with emissions. via

Is the RX8 rare?

With mazda having discontinued the RX8 for 10 years now, I think it's safe to say they are rare. Until I purposefully looked for one to test drive and then buy, I had never seen one. Mazda sold 75k RX8s in NA, and i never see them. via

Is RX8 easy to LS swap?

Thanks to that, the LS swap for the RX8 is regarded as the simplest and easiest engine transplant. The difficulty is relative of course. It's still an engine transplant, which is a major job by any metric. However, it's the most well-documented swaps, and there are swap kits available to reduce the fabrication work. via

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