Why do I lose power when I turn?

Low hydraulic fluid level stops the pump from exerting the correct pressure, thus lowering the power assist. Loss of steering ease can result in a turn in either direction, particularly at low speed or idling conditions. A buzzing noise during a turn often denotes low fluid level. via

Why does my car lose power when I turn the wheel?

Your vehicle may be losing power because it is losing speed. In general, clogged fuel filters, worn out air filters and drained exhaust manifolds are some of the causes for clogged engines. In some vehicles, the following mechanisms malfunction; bad injectors, faulty fuel pumps, worn spark plugs. via

What causes sluggish acceleration in a car?

Sluggish acceleration could result from a failing fuel pump, or it could be a malfunctioning sensor. If you suspect either of these, it would be wise to take your car to a professional. They can look at your vehicle using specialized equipment. via

What are power steering problems?

One of the most common problems power steering systems have is leaks. The high pressure of the system combined with the soft hoses carrying the fluid makes it relatively susceptible to leaks. A low fluid level can cause a whining power steering pump and even a loss of fluid pressure and a loss of steering assistance. via

Why is my car shaking when I turn it on?

If your car shakes upon starting, several potential issues could be to blame. Engine problems, such as dirty filters or the need for new spark plugs, can cause your car to shake due to a lack of sufficient air or fuel. Also, consider the crankshaft damper. via

Can bad spark plugs cause loss of power?

Misfiring Motor

Misfiring motors work harder to maintain power, which saps fuel economy. It also leads to long-term damage if you do not fix the problem. Often times, replacing bad spark plugs will take care of it. your engine will suffer loss of power. via

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