Are Chevy Cobalts expensive to insure?

Chevrolet Cobalt Insurance Quick Facts:

On average, the Chevrolet Cobalt car insurance costs $1,342 per year in annual coverage for standard insurance coverage. via

How much does a Cobalt SS cost?

The new Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo will start just at just $24,995- undercutting the prices of several competing factory-tuned turbo rigs. via

Are Chevys expensive to insure?

The Costs Associated with Insuring a Chevy

They are very affordable. In terms of auto insurance, premiums for these vehicles average around $1,440 per year. via

Is the Cobalt SS a good car?

The Cobalt SS received generally positive reviews, particularly the turbocharged and supercharged versions. In a 2013 review, journalist Patrick George called it the best compact car ever made by General Motors, and a potential "future classic". via

How much is insurance on a 2010 Chevy Cobalt?

Average Annual Rates for a Chevrolet Cobalt by Model Year

Auto insurance for a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt costs an average of $1,342 per year. via

Is a Chevy SS a sports car?

Even better, the standard six-speed automatic transmission can be swapped for a six-speed manual at no cost. Too bad the SS is the opposite of fuel efficient and borders on expensive. Still, the Chevy SS is a seriously underrated sports sedan. via

Are Chevy Impalas expensive to insure?

The average cost of car insurance for a 2020 Chevrolet Impala is $177.97 a month —or $2,135.97 a year. via

Is a Chevy Cobalt considered a sports car?

The Cobalt replaced both the Cavalier and the Toyota-based Geo/Chevrolet Prizm as Chevrolet's compact car. The Cobalt was available as both a coupe and sedan, as well as a sport compact version dubbed the Cobalt SS.

Model Year U.S. Sales
2004 4,960
2005 212,667
2006 211,451
2007 200,621


Is a Chevy SS a Malibu?

The Chevy SS Sedan is often incorrectly referred to as the Malibu SS, despite the two vehicles being completely unrelated. As such, a mid-size, high-performance sedan is not part of the Chevy lineup for the 2018 model year. via

Is Chevy SS automatic?

With the automatic transmission and its performance-oriented 3.27 final-drive ratio, the Chevrolet SS accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in about five seconds, making it one of the quickest sedans on the market. via

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