Are Cree LED lights any good?

The 40 W and 60 W Cree bulbs have a CRI rating of 90, one of the highest out of all the bulbs we tested—and far closer than LEDs in the past have come to mimicking that incandescent-quality glow. We found that the Cree bulbs had the best color fidelity—colors as they appear in real life. via

What is the strongest Cree LED?

The LED is called XHP50, the first in a family of XHP lighting LEDs. “At its maximum current, the XHP50 provides twice the light output of the industry's brightest single-die LED, the XM-L2 LED, at a similar lumens per watt and without increasing the package footprint.” said Cree. via

What does Cree mean in LED lights?

Well, if you've ever wondered the same thing, you're in luck; here's what “Cree” actually means. Contrary to my first suspicions, Cree doesn't refer to the flashlight itself, but to the LED being used inside the flashlight. Cree is a company that makes high output LEDs that are often utilized in flashlights. via

How long do Cree LED bulbs last?

Cree LED Lighting products are designed to last as long as 50,000 hours. Incredible longevity means that you might never change another light again. What is 50,000 hours? It is 50 times the life of a typical incandescent bulb and 5 times the lifetime of an average compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). via

Which is brighter Cree or LED?

So basically, if you are looking for a quick answer, here it is, the Cree CXA is our brightest option as a single LED light! via

How bright is a Cree LED?

It is possible to manufacture complete alternative lighting using the new state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology Cree LEDs, which are a very bright LED offering you 370 lumens of light. via

What is the latest CREE LED?

The result is significantly lower thermal, mechanical and optical costs at the system level.
Cree Extreme-High-Power XHP LEDs.

High-Intensity LED
Size (mm x mm) 3.45 x 3.45
Maximum light output Up to 1483 lm @ 13 W


Which is better Cree or LED?

Efficiency: To be fair, most LEDs are more efficient than any other light source. However, Cree LEDs are generally more efficient because they use innovative technology of their own design. For instance, the 4Flow-based LED bulbs perform and incandescent light bulbs while lasting longer and using less power. via

What happened to Cree light bulbs?

Then in March 2019 Cree sold its lighting business - comprising LED lamps, fixtures, and corporate lighting products - to Ideal Industries, in a similar deal to that now agreed with SGH. The latest move sees Cree exit an LED business that it had been instrumental in creating more than two decades ago. via

Which brand of LED lights are the best?

The Best LED Light Bulbs on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

  • Philips LED Non-Dimmable A19 8.5-Watt Frosted Light Bulb 800 Lumen 2700K (16 Pack)
  • Great Eagle A19 LED Bulb, Soft White (4-Pack)
  • AmazonBasics 100W Equivalent, Daylight, Non-Dimmable, 10,000 Hour Lifetime, A19 LED Light Bulb.
  • via

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