How many miles do Delinte tires last?

Delinte provides a 30,000 mile tread warranty on the D7. via

Are Delinte tires all-season?

The Delinte DH7 tire is an all-season touring tire for high performance car and luxury sedan drivers that demand a quiet and comfortable tire that can also grip and handle at higher speeds. via

Are Delinte D7 tires directional?

The Delinte Thunder D7 is an affordable, all-season performance radial which is available in a multitude of low-profile and plus size fitments for your sport sedan, coupe or SUV. The directional tread pattern features a variable pitch block spacing to reduce road noise for a quieter ride. via

Are Delinte DH2 tires directional?

The DH2 asymmetrical, non-directional tread design that allows for easy tire rotation without changes in traction or road noise. via

How do you pronounce Delinte? (video)

What is Delinte tire?

Delinte is a trusted tire brand that provides excellent performance for vehicles. Delinte tires are made to withstand heavy weight while still providing easy handling and a comfortable ride for its passengers. Delinte tires are engineered and produced by a European technology team, guaranteeing a quality performance. via

Where are Advanta tires manufactured?

Where are Advanta tires made? API has several key plants around the Pacific, hence the name. The key facilities are located in USA, China and India. Their Chinese enterprise is partly the reason why these tires are so cheap, in fact. via

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