What is a Inframe?

Inframe refer to the inner frame of Engine, and overhaul refers to the general maintenance of engine to avoid major issues in running. via

How do you turn up a DD15?

In order to increase the power of your DD15, you turn a turbine wheel that boosts the engine by using hot exhaust (which is normally thrown away). By doing this, you can squeeze more energy out of your engine, resulting in a smaller fuel bill as well. via

Is 12.7 Detroit a good engine?

It has been my experience that all Detroit 12.7 have a weak assometer but normally pull pretty good. The torque peak on this engine is 1200 RPM, but you should see the boost run up to around 25-28 psi at @1700 RPMs on a hard pull. via

What is the horsepower on a 60 series Detroit?

“With up to 515 horsepower and up to 1,650 lb. of torque, we know the Series 60 has been considered a workhorse for over-the-road and longhaul applications for nearly 20 years,” Stohler said. “We pride ourselves on providing a truly reliable engine to our customers.” via

How long does it take to rebuild a Detroit 60 Series engine?

The average time that it takes to do an overhaul can vary, but you should expect about 40-60 hours of work into this kind of job. via

Does Detroit still make the Series 60?

Even though the Detroit Diesel Series 60 was discontinued in 2011, it's still one of the most common engines for Class 8 trucks. Some may not know about the fascinating story behind these engines. via

How much is ISX Inframe?

What is this? The average cost of a rebuilt Cummins ISX diesel engine is $11,250 before labor or parts kits. By comparison, a Cummins ISX in-frame kit is about $3,189. via

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