Who makes radar Dimax 8 tires?

Singapore-based tire manufacturer Omni United has the latest addition to the Radar brand, the all-season Dimax AS-8. The tire is a premium all-season sport-touring tire that Omni United claims “takes driver confidence and assurance to the next level”. via

Which company makes radar tires?

Radar Tires is the flagship brand of Omni United and offers a unique value proposition in its segment. via

What brand of tires are made in China?

Several top global brands such as Michelin (two production plants), Bridgestone (six plants), Goodyear (two plants), Continental (two plants), Pirelli (two plants), Yokohama (three plants), Hankook (four plants), and Kumho (three plants) are present in China through their manufacturing units. via

What company makes Corsa tires?

Not a lot of people have heard of the Corsa brand, which is owned by Omni United Pte. Ltd and based out of Singapore, but they provide some decent low-cost tires. (Omni also has other tire lines such as Goodride and Timberland tires to name just a couple.) via

How long do Chinese tires last?

In addition, with proper maintenance, these tyres can last for as long as 600,000-800,000 km. via

Who makes Firemax tires?

The Firemax name started life in 2015 in Qingdao, China. The tyre range is manufactured by Qingdao Sunfulcess Tyre Co. Ltd, which also produces Kpatos-branded tyres. via

Are Cooper truck tires made in China?

All Cooper truck tires are now made by Hangzhou (China) Rubber Co. Ltd. Cooper is on track to source 250,000 to 300,000 truck tires from Hangzhou this year. The transfer from the U.S. to China freed up capacity at the Albany plant for light truck tire production, says Cooper Chairman, CEO and President Tom Dattilo. via

Are Yokohama tyres Chinese?

Yokohama Rubber (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 as the controlling companyof the Yokohama Group in China. In China, we have both tire and industrial product businesses. via

Are all terrain tires better than highway tires?

Aggressive all terrain tires have a different tread pattern than highway tires, which means they are going to grip the road (and off-road), better. Consequently, all terrain tires have a greater rolling resistance than their pavement-bound counterparts. They also have a larger effect on fuel economy. via

How do I know if my Cooper tires are recalled?

You can see if your tires are affected by this recall by contacting Cooper's Customer Relations Department at 800-854-6288. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHSTA), Cooper will inspect the tires and replace them for free if needed. via

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