Can you DIY car paint protection film? (video)

Can I apply paint protection film myself?

XPEL™ Paint Protection Film can be successfully installed by do-it-yourself installers. If you are a hands-on kind of person, with time and patience and are willing to follow instructions, do-it-yourself installation is a great way to save money! via

Does paint protection film really work?

In short – absolutely. In fact, this is the best time to apply PPF – or elastomeric polymer film as the primary objective of protective paint films is to maintain the condition of what's underneath from UV exposure, chemicals, light scratches, toxins, and road grime. However, PPF is not for everyone. via

How hard is it to apply PPF?

‍PPF installation is very difficult, time consuming, very intricate, and costly. The material isn't cheap and if there is dirt, hair or silvering (film that is stretched too much) means that piece has to be replaced. Bubbles, lift lines, and water under the film are common occurrences with every install. via

How much does full PPF cost?

You can expect the cost to put paint protection film on the front of the car to be between $900 and $2500, depending on how many panels you want to be covered and the condition of your vehicle. If you want to protect your entire car, expect the cost of full body paint protection film is anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000. via

Can you wax over paint protection film?

Can the paint protection film be waxed? After applying paint protection film on your car, you can wax it. However, make sure that the wax you will be using does not contain Kerosene or Naphtha in over 5% concentration. Also avoid waxes that come with dyes. via

Is clear bra worth the money?

Clear Bras: The Bottom Line

Installing a clear bra is well worth the initial cost, and it's much less expensive than a new paint job. Everyone loves a car that runs great and looks better, and that's the idea of having paint protection film installed by a pro. via

How do I protect my car hood from chips?

Paint protection film is a transparent, self-adhesive barrier that can be applied to vulnerable areas of your car that are most impacted by the road, like the bumper, hood, and door edges. Some vehicle owners also choose to cover their car entirely. via

What can I use to apply for PPF?

Using pure isopropyl alcohol and lint-free wipes, wipe the edges of the area that the PPF will be applied to. This step will ensure that the edges are clean from all contamination and help create a stronger surface contact with the film. via

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Is PPF more expensive than a wrap?

Cost Compare

Not counting the installation cost, PPF material fees is around USD 250-800 for a full wrap on a sedan. Meanwhile, a full vinyl wrap material ACME manufactured will typically cost you around $100-600 for a similar-sized vehicle. via

Does Tesla offer paint protection?

The automaker changed things up with two options. Tesla is now offering a choice between the Mud Flap and Splash Guard Kit and a Paint Protection Film Kit: They cost $50 each and they come equipped with the following items: Includes two sizes of front mud flaps and installation hardware. via

What is the difference between PPF and ceramic coating?

PPF can also “self heal.” Ceramic coating does not have this ability, therefore not eliminating the risk of scratches, chips, or water spots. PPF is the ONLY way to prevent physical damage, rock chips and scratches from happening to your car! PPF is the KING! However, ceramic coating does have its strengths. via

Can you polish a car with PPF?

Can PPF be applied over a vehicle that has been 'touched-up'? Yes, it can although we should point out that you'll get the best results if the area in question has been colour-sanded smooth and buffed after the paint has been applied. In other words, the better the touch-up, the better the PPF will look. via

How much does 3m PPF cost?

3M paint protection packages

Packages Price
Silver Package $ 749.00
Gold Package $ 1399.00
Radium Package $ 1499.00
Uranium Package $ 1899.00


Can I drive after PPF?

While the film is settling and curing, don't wash your car. Ideally, you shouldn't even drive in it. However, if you can't avoid driving, be careful about putting pressure on the coating. via

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How long does PPF take to cure?

Give PPF at least seven days to cure before washing the vehicle. If you are using a pressure washer, keep away from the film's edges. It could cause the edges to lift, reducing the protection. If you are planning to wipe the surface, make sure it's hydrated. via

Does ceramic coating prevent rock chips?

Despite the wild claims of some manufacturers and installers, a Ceramic Coating does not eliminate the risk of rock chips, scratches, swirl marks, and water spots. However, Ceramic Coatings do have their strength, particularly in terms of the hydrophobic surface they create. via

How do you protect the paint on the hood of a car?

To protect the paint, dealers apply a thin, clear, rubbery paint film over those surfaces. The film really reduces paint chip damage, but dealers charge about $400 for it. You can buy the film online and install it yourself in a few hours for about $120 (or less, depending on the size of the vehicle). via

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