What does Cherry Bomb muffler do?

A cherry bomb muffler, also known as a glass pack muffler, is designed to wipe out the higher frequency sounds from your exhaust, leaving your car sounding throaty and grumbly like an old-school muscle car. via

What mufflers increase horsepower?

MagnaFlow, an aftermarket exhaust manufacturer, says that its customers can expect horsepower gains of around 10 percent (which is a pretty commonly-quoted figure). via

Is a Cherry Bomb muffler worth it?

Several people commonly refer to the Glasspack Muffler as the Cherry Bomb Muffler due to its really great sound muffling abilities. These mufflers are also much better than ordinary mufflers, as they do not allow the sound to resonate back into the engine. via

Do glasspack mufflers add horsepower?

Glasspack mufflers will improve your horsepower rating of about 20 horsepower compared to stock. They improve horsepower because they reduce backpressure and are lighter compared to stock ones. via

Is a cherry bomb exhaust illegal?

Rusted out mufflers or exhaust with holes – ILLEGAL. After market mufflers, sometimes called “glass packs” or “cherry bombs” can be an issue also for they may produce “a sharp popping or crackling sound”. via

What is the loudest Cherry Bomb muffler?

The Cherry Bomb EXTREME is definitely the loudest muffler in the Cherry Bomb line. Inlet/outlet diameters range from 2 Inches to 4 Inches. These straight-thru, single chamber mufflers are a directional flow design, increasing exhaust flow and high frequency sound. via

Can straight pipes hurt your engine?

A straight pipe, for example, can cause exhaust gas velocity to increase. This will likely reduce engine performance below 2,000 or 2,500 RPM, making your vehicle a little slower to launch from a stoplight. via

Is a glasspack considered a muffler?

A glasspack is a type of automobile muffler in which the exhaust gas passes straight through the center of the muffler. The basic design consists of one smaller tube centered inside of a larger outer tube that is enlarged or swollen in the middle. via

Are cherry bombs legal in California?

California law prohibits the sales, delivery or installation of aftermarket parts that modify the original emissions control systems of vehicles unless they are proven to not reduce their effectiveness. via

Does intake and exhaust increase horsepower? (video)


Why is my glasspack quiet?

The glass pack is full of fiber glass and it will deaden the sound of the exhaust. With no back pressure of a tail pipe the exhaust goes straight thru the muffler. With a tail pipe the longer the pipe the more back pressure there is on the muffler the quieter it gets. via

How can I make my glasspack louder?

if you want to get your glasspacks louder pour gas in them and get going about 55-60mph then shut your truck off while your still going 55 and in gear. you will hear a bang. and your glasspacks will be burned out and as loud as they can get. via

How do I choose a Cherry Bomb muffler? (video)


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