Does an X pipe make more power?

The X-pipe will usually make anywhere from two to four more horsepower than an H-pipe. The slight horsepower difference comes from the way the X-pipe creates a venturi effect, which helps pull the exhaust gases out of the cylinder faster. via

Do you need an X pipe for duals?

If you're into makin your car sound like it's missing or runnin wierd, go true duals. If you want a nice, balanced sound, put an H pipe (balance tube) or X-pipe in. If you have the room, X-pipes are supposed to have a little more flow. via

Does X pipe make exhaust louder?

The volume of exhaust should be the same, but the burble will be reduced since the X-pipe balances the exhaust pulses from bank to bank (inherent in 360 degree crank shafts--street V8's; but not inherent in 180 degree cranks--racing V8's, Ferraris, and Lotus). via

What is the purpose of an H-pipe?

An X-Pipe or an exhaust H-Pipe are at the heart of a performance system and bolted in the center of the car. Also known as a crossover pipe, each system works by balancing the exhaust pulses from either sideā€”or cylinder bank of a V-style engine. The result is a smooth exhaust flow and a more efficient engine. via

Whats louder single or dual exhaust?

In comparison to single exhausts, however, dual exhausts are going to have that loud, throatier sound note that muscle car enthusiasts crave. Depending on whether you opt for an H-pipe or an X-pipe, the design will largely determine what type of sound a dual exhaust will make. via

How much does it cost to have dual exhaust installed?

Depending on the desired result, you can expect to spend anywhere between $500 to $2,000. The price depends on the make and model of your vehicle and how many pieces of the exhaust system you want to change. via

Do True Duals increase mpg?

Dual exhaust is only going to give you performance increases in the high rpm power band. It will actually hurt you on low end which is where most of your driving is done. As for increased fuel economy... NO. via

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