What is a dual CP3?

Often referred to as dual fuelers, twin CP3's, or dual high-pressure fuel kits, two pump configurations are all the rage these days. Dual pump systems are usually belt-driven, capable of maintaining enough rail pressure to clear 1,000hp, and thanks to the pumps sharing the workload, they are extremely reliable. via

How much fuel pressure does a CP3 need?

It takes approximately 4000 PSI of rail pressure to start the engine. The fuel system contains high-pressure fuel up to 26,000 PSI. via

Are CP3 pumps reliable?

Although the track record of a CP3 pump is solid and has been proven to be reliable. In my mind if you were to put your money down and was limited I would say get the CP3 alone. Although it becomes increasingly expensive if you are not doing the labour yourself. via

What does CP3 fuel pump stand for?

CP3 = Common rail high pressure pump. via

How much horsepower can a stock CP3 handle?

Registered. A healthy CP3 will handle 30% overs fine. 45% overs will drain it on a long run if its older. Lift pump is a must for anything over stock that's tuned over +150hp. via

What does a dual fueler do?

Adding a belt driven CP3 Pump Kit to your stock fuel system reduces drive load on the internal gear driven CP3 pump, increasing pump reliability. Both pumps work together, each delivering half the total volume of fuel required, effectively sharing the fuel delivery load. via

How long does a CP3 last?

The Bosch CP3, used on the '01-to-'10 Duramax and '03-to-current Cummins engines, is known to last 250,000 miles or more before needing to be replaced. Of course, performance enthusiasts also know these pumps are only capable of supporting approximately 500 hp. via

What happens when CP3 pump fails?

If you restrict the return of fuel from the CP3 injection pump it will blow the seals and inspection plugs out of the pump. This catastrophic pump failure is caused due to the fact that the CP3 will continue to build rail pressure until failure occurs. via

Does a CP3 pump need to be timed?

Unlike previous (pre-common-rail) injection pumps, it has fewer tasks to perform. The CP3 injection pump's sole job is to create and regulate high-pressure fuel (it's not timed with the engine's crankshaft and camshaft). via

What's better CP3 or CP4?

Should one decide to “tune” the engine, a CP3 can support more horsepower than the CP4 because of the higher fuel volume it's able to feed the injectors. The CP4. 2 is said to support fuel for only about 525 horsepower, while a CP3 can support up to 800 horsepower. via

Who makes CP3 pump?

A: The Fleece Performance CP3K is a brand new Bosch pump that is modified to eliminate the factory fuel flow restriction that begins at 3000 rpm. The stock CP3 will start losing fuel flow and rail pressure after 3000 rpm. via

How much is a CP3 pump Duramax?

BOSCH ® Remanufactured – $792.00

The BOSCH ® Remanufactured pump is fully rebuilt by BOSCH ® using brand new components, same as you would get from your local GM dealer. This pump has a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty. via

What year Cummins has CP3?

GM was the first to use the CP3 in a pickup application with the LB7 Duramax in 2001, and just two years later in '03, the Cummins engine in Dodge Rams also started using the Bosch pump, with the only functional difference being Dodge also utilized a lift pump in the tank, where GM relied on the gerotor pump built into via

How do you test for CP3?

You can simiulate max output for the CP3 by unplugging the FPR and fuel sensor. This forces the CP3 to put max output on the fuel rail. To do the check you will have to pull you glow plugs and watch excessive fuel from coming out the glow plug holes. via

How much HP does a 10mm CP3 add?

The 10mm stroker CP3 utilizes a unmodified regulator so this is virtually a drop in replacement without need for Mprop table tuning adjustments. This pump will support 800+ horsepower by itself without the need to a secondary pump! via

Which engine can run on dual fuel?

Engines that can operate using a mixture of two different fuels are called dual fuel engines. Frequently, diesel and natural gas fuels are used together within dual fuel engines. via

Why dual fuel engine is required?

Dual fuel engines perform best under moderate to high load, and can often equal or better the fuel-efficiency of a pure diesel under these conditions. Operating with a lean air-fuel ratio, they can also achieve much lower emissions (especially of NOx and particulate matter (PM)) than a pure diesel. via

How long does it take to change a CP3 on a Duramax?

2 to CP3 typically requires about 16 hours, with most of that time spent removing parts to get to the pump that sits at the front engine valley. via

Did Cummins going back to CP3?

Not only did Stellantis, the new parent company of Ram since the FCA/PSA Group merger, find a way to revert back to the CP3 on the 6.7L Cummins engines supplied for its '21-present trucks, but it announced a massive high-pressure fuel pump recall back in November for all '19 and '20 models. via

What year powerstroke has CP4?

The CP4 was standard equipment on the 2011-present Ford 6.7L Powerstroke. From 2011-2016 GM also used the CP4 in the LML & LGH Duramax engines, switching to the Denso HP4 in 2017 when the L5P was released. via

What causes low fuel pressure in a diesel engine?

Three of the most common causes of heavy equipment low fuel pressure are a faulty regulator, a fuel pump malfunction or problems with the fuel lines. via

How do I know if my diesel injector is stuck open? (video)


How does a Bosch CP3 pump work?

Understanding the CP3. The CP3 is a 3 piston metered inlet pump. By metered inlet that means that the Fuel Control Actuator valve controlled by the ECM meters fuel going into the pumping chambers to control how much fuel the CP3 pumps and thus the engine rail pressure. via

What does an Mprop valve do?

The magnetic proportional valve (M-PROP) is used to control the volume of fuel supplied to the high-pressure pump. The M-PROP is controlled by the engine control module (ECM) using a variable pulse width. via

Why is a CP4 timed?

The CP4. 2 must be timed with both the engine's crankshaft and camshaft to coincide perfectly with the injectors opening, and in both the 6.7L Power Stroke and LML Duramax the pump is driven by the engine's camshaft. via

How do I remove CP3 lb7? (video)


How do you avoid CP4 failure?

The problem with the CP4 pump is so well known that several companies sell expensive kits that cost up to $3,600 (before labor costs) to try to prevent the problem. Popular fixes involve boosting the fuel pressure with an additional pump, or replacing the CP4 with the more reliable, but less fuel efficient, CP3 pump. via

How common is CP4 failure on LML Duramax?

Registered. I have read that as much as 7% of CP4 fail on LML Duramax. via

Does a 5.9 Cummins have a CP3?

At the heart of the 2003 - 2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins is the Bosch CP3 Common Rail diesel fuel injection pump. The CP3 is available with stock OEM factory settings as well as modified for 33%, 85%, 120% and a massive 200% fuel flow increases for high performance Dodge 5.9L Cummins applications. via

Does the LBZ have a CP3 pump?

Technically it is known as a CP3. On the LBZ there is no longer a "lift pump" which pushes fuel up to the injection pump, instead the CP3 does all the work of drawing fuel from the tank and then increasing the pressure to the common rail - it does a lot of work. via

How much does it cost to do a Duramax swap?

Depending on the year and other potential issues or wishes of the customer, you could expect a range likely between $15,000 and $25,000 for Duramax engine replacement. via

Does LB7 have CP3 pump?

Exergy Sportsman LB7 CP3 Pump (LBZ Based w/LB7 FCA)*

The key benefit to the Sportsman CP3 is its ability to flow at higher engine speeds—up to 4,500 rpm (vs. stock, where the factory pump begins to fall off after 3,000 rpm). via

Do 2021 Rams have CP3?

The 2021 (verified just a little while ago) has the CP3. So no need to deal with a recall etc. via

Does Cummins still use the CP4?

FCA has issued a widespread recall of the infamous CP4 injection pump, utilized on the 2019-2020 Ram 2500 and 3500 with the 6.7 Cummins diesel engine. Unfortunately, they don't have parts available to FIX the trucks! via

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