Can a charcoal canister leak gas?

If there is still fuel in the canister, if you can, pull it off, drain it the best you can, and blow compressed air into it to dry it out. Do this outside with lots of fresh air, not a closed area, then check all your loses and tubes to make sure they too are not blocked or plugged, or leaking from cracks. via

Why is my charcoal canister full of gas?

#4 – Issues Filling Up Gas Tank

If your charcoal canister is saturated or the fuel vapor vent line is clogged, one of the first things you might notice is trouble at the gas pump. You might be unable to fill your tank, or that the gas pump nozzle shuts off before your tank is full. via

What causes fuel in EVAP canister?

This is done to reduce gas emissions from your vehicle. Your EVAP canister can hold a high amount of fuel vapor when your vehicle is in good shape and operating at high efficiency. The fuel vapor goes into your engine to get burnt. This process is termed 'purging,' which needs to be assisted by the purge valve. via

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