What does MTS mean on a tire?

Federal Tire introduces an all-new offering in the M/T space, the Xplora MTS – the MTS referring to an M/T Summer or Sport tire – designed for the urban custom light truck market. via

Are federal xplora tires loud?

Test Drive the Federal Xplora RT

With some other tires, you'll often see extra space for stone ejection and for water passing, which is what can make the tire sound louder. Here, Federal keeps a four-block tread design and keeps it quiet. It's still aggressive enough so that it works well off-road too. via

Are mud-terrain tyres OK on the road?

Mud-Terrain tyres serve a very specific purpose, to perform in extreme off road conditions. They are best suited to serious off road driving and specific to 4WD and similar vehicles. via

Are mud tires good in the winter?

When it comes to snow and ice, these wide channels between the tread blocks will fill with snow and ice. Since mud tires don't have the siping that even regular all season tires have, there is nothing to bite or grab at the road surface. via

What's the best tyre pressure for driving on sand?

In fact the best all round tyre pressure for sand driving is 16 psi. By letting your tyres down to 16psi you significantly increase the size of the tyres footprint on the sand so you have the same weight of vehicle spread over about twice as much rubber and therefore half the weight per square inch. via

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