How do you wire a car light switch? (video)

How do I wire a 2 wire switch? (video)

How do you wire a 12V light switch? (video)

How do you wire a 12 volt toggle switch? (video)

How do you wire a switch? (video)

How do you wire a 4 prong 12V switch? (video)

How do you wire a 3 pin toggle switch? (video)

Can you run LED lights off a battery?

Like the other strip lights used in various applications, you can power an RGB strip with a battery. Just connect a battery or batteries with a voltage rating that fits your strip lights. If your strips run on 12V, use a 12-volt battery. via

Do relays need to be grounded?

The relay must be on the ground side of the load when the voltages above the coil are hot. The case should be grounded. The relay can be on either side of the load for hot switch voltages that are lower than the coil. via

How does a 12V relay work?

Relays install between the power source and the electrical accessory requiring on/off power. When the relay is energized, the high current to operate the accessory flows from the power source, through the relay, and directly to the part. via

How do I choose a relay size?

An easy way to determine the limit of a relay is to multiply the rated Volts times the rated Amps. This will give you the total watts a relay can switch. Every relay will have two ratings: AC and DC. You should determine the AC watts and the DC watts, and never exceed these ratings. via

Where should relays be mounted?

Most relays should be mounted with their terminals pointed downward, unless it is a weatherproof, sealed unit, or a solid-state unit. via

What is the difference between a fuse and a relay?

A fuse is a one time protection device that can interrupt a circuit. A relay is a device that is used to connect or interrupt the circuit. via

What does a 4 pin relay do?

The difference between a 4 and 5 pin relay is that a 4 pin relay is used to control a single circuit, whereas a 5 pin relay switches power between two circuits. 4 pin relays use 2 pins (85 & 86) to control the coil and 2 pins (30 & 87) which switch power on a single circuit. via

Can I use a 5 pin relay instead of a 4 pin?

Some 5 pin relays are SPDT (switch between the two pins) and some are DPST (like the main relay- connect 2 pins at the same time.) If you want to use a 5 pin in place of a 4 pin, you shouldn't have to remove the pin. The socket should be the same, but the center pin won't have a contact in it. via

What is 87a on a relay used for?

Understanding Relays, part 2: DIN numbers and different types of relay

Terminal Which Circuit? Definition
87 High current (load) Output to device, normally open, pulled closed when coil is energized
87a High current (load) Output to other device, normally closed, pulled open when coil is energized


How do you install fog lights on a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

  • Slid the new Multi-Function Switch into the steering column.
  • Re-install the steering column trim.
  • Remove the black plastic fillers from the front bumper.
  • Slide the fog light assembly into position.
  • Install the new bulb into the fog light assembly.
  • Repeat step 10 for the opposite side.
  • via

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