What's the difference between a mini spool and a full spool?

Mini spools are designed to be installed in an existing open differential and are used to replace the side gears and spider gears. They also lock both axles in place so that they both put power to the ground with equal torque and traction. Many weekend racers use mini spools as a lower-cost alternative to a full spool. via

How does a mini spool diff work? (video)


Can I run a spool on the street? (video)


What are spool lockers?

A spool replaces the differential carrier, locking the axle shafts together. Locking the axles provides maximum traction for off road use. Not recommended for use on the pavement. For use only in rear axle, use in the front will limit turning ability. via

What is a spooled rear end?

A spool is basically a steel collar that splines both axleshafts together with a flange to bolt the ring gear onto. Very simple to be sure, but this differential replacement is too hard-core for 99 percent of street-driven 4x4s. via

What is a spooled gear?

A full spool replaces the carrier, spider, and sides gears. The unit consists of a snout and a ring flange. The axles are installed in the snout, which is splined to accept the axle shafts. The spool's ring flange bolts onto the ring gear. via

Is limited slip same as posi?

TOM: Actually, Jeannie, "posi-traction" is just Chevrolet's name for limited slip differential on passenger cars. RAY: Normally, on a rear wheel drive car, the power is delivered to both of the rear wheels equally. via

Can you have limited slip and lockers?

There are a great number of variations of limited slip diffs and lockers, but let this be clear: A locker 100 percent locks both axle shafts in an axle together, allowing for absolutely no differentiation in wheel movement (when locked) unless something breaks. via

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