Is there a fuse for a speed sensor?

Since all 6 speed sensors are passive devices, no battery power is required for their operation and therefore none have fuses. via

Can a blown fuse stop the speedometer?

Bad Wiring or a Faulty Fuse

If there's a bad fuse or a bad wire in your car and the speedometer's fuse stops functioning, the speedometer will drop to zero and stay there. A fuse can blow for various reasons, including a bad wiring job or wires getting wet due to exposure. via

How do you change a fuse on a speedometer? (video)

Is it illegal not to have a speedometer?

Guide to Offences Related to Speedometers

It is an offence to drive a vehicle that does not have a fully functional speedometer which shows both mph and kmph readings. It is also an offence for certain classes of vehicles, such as HGV's not to have a speed limiter installed. via

Why is my speedometer stuck at 40?

Hi there. The issue with your speedometer not working properly is the transmission output shaft speed sensor has a faulty pickup or broken wire inside it. The speed sensor has a magnet that reads between teeth on a gear within the tail shaft of the transmission. via

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