What does IPL mean on Infiniti?

The Infiniti Performance Line (IPL), Red Sport and Infiniti S marques represent the high-performance divisions of cars produced by Infiniti. In July 2010 Infiniti released its new performance division, Infiniti Performance Line (IPL). via

Does the OEM q60 bumper fit the G37?

Unfortunately, this will not fit the G37 sedan unless you convert your whole front end to a G37 coupe or modify our Q-Style bumper to fit with the sedan. via

How do you remove the front bumper on a g37 Coupe? (video)


What is the difference between g37s and G37 IPL?

Under the hood, the IPL has more power than the regular G37 coupes thanks to a 3.7-litre V6. It delivers 348 horsepower, compared to 330, and 276 foot-pounds of torque. via

How long will Infiniti G37 last?

As with all other vehicles, if you follow regular maintenance schedules and take good care of your Infiniti G37, it can last you 200,000 miles and beyond. via

How do you remove a g35 bumper? (video)


How do you remove the rear bumper on an Infiniti g35? (video)


Does Infinity have a hard top convertible?

Hard Top Convertible

The three-piece retractable hardtop was engineered to open and close in an unconventional clamshell manner to minimize bulk when folded, creating a slimmer, more appealing exterior look. via

What is the last year Infiniti made a convertible?

Along with its two-door coupe sister vehicle, no 2016 model year Q60 Convertibles are being produced. While the coupe is being revived as an all-new 2017 model, the Infiniti Q60 Convertible's future beyond 2015 has not been immediately announced. via

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