How tall is a E78 14 tire?

The closest trailer tire size we will have available for an E78 14 ST tire is a 205/75-14 tire. Before ordering replacement tires or wheels, you will want to measure to make sure you will have clearance. The overall diameter of this size tire is 26.3 inches, and the width is 7.8 inches. via

What size is a 6.00-15 tire?


1949 to 1964 1965 to 1970 1980 to Present
6.00-15 185/70R15
6.50-15 6.85-15 195/70R15
7.35-15 205/70R15


What is L78 tire size?

The L78 tires also work well on hot rods and custom cars, as the 4 inch whitewall provides the timeless old school look.
Extended Protection for Your Tires.

Tire Series Coker Alphanumeric
Section Width (in) 8.85
Tread Width (in) 5.88
Rim Width (in) 5.50 - 8.00
Max Load Capacity 1970@32 psi


What size is a G78 14 tire?

Coker Tire Tires - G78-14 Tire Size - 27.10 in. Tire Diameter - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing. Tire Diameter: 27.10 in. via

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