Do headers improve sound?

As you just discovered, installing headers won't make your car sound louder. It will slightly change the tone of your exhaust and improve your performance a little, but your car won't turn up the volume of its exhaust. via

Do all cars have headers?

Although they were somewhat common in the 60s and 70s, only a handful of manufacturers fit their cars with exhaust headers straight from the factory today, AutoAnything reports. Instead, most OEMs fit their gasoline and diesel engines with exhaust manifolds. Your car's exhaust isn't just one long pipe. via

What do headers do to a car?

The purpose of a car header is to eliminate back pressure which is created in the manifold. Instead of a single pipe shared by all of the cylinders, each cylinder has its own exhaust pipe which connects to form a bigger pipe known as the collector. The individual pipes are bent so that they are of the same length. via

Are headers the same as exhaust manifold?

A header does the same thing as an exhaust manifold—it also collects gasses from the engine and delivers them to the exhaust system. Headers are made of longer, thinner steel tubing. They are typically used on high-performance cars, and they're usually added aftermarket to maximize the engine's power. via

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