When did they stop putting the high beam switch on the floor?

Switching between low and high beam was accomplished through a switch on the steering column. In 1927 the dimmer switch was moved to the floor, where it stayed for about 50 years until it was moved again -- to the steering column! via

Why did they move the high beam switch from the floor?

In 1925, the dimmer switch was located on the steering column. This changed in 1927, when it was moved to the floor. Why did the location of the dimmer switch change? The automobile makers decided it was too much of a distraction on the steering column and agreed to move it to the floor. via

What is an autronic eye?

Introduced in 1952, the Autronic Eye was and used a light-sensing phototube to detect oncoming light and signal an amplifier to trigger the activation of low beams. The phototube was encased in a dash-mounted ray gun-like housing with its lens tirelessly peering out over the road. via

Is a headlight beam switch optional?

High-beams are to be turned off when another vehicle is in front of you or approaching on the opposite side of the road. Most of the states require that you switch to low-beams 500 ft. or more from oncoming vehicles. Consult your state's Drivers Handbook for details. The switch for headlights varies between vehicles. via

How do you wire a dimmer switch to a floor? (video)


How do you wire a dimmer switch to a headlight? (video)


How do I dim my car lights?

One switch inside the car controls the dashboard lights and instrument patterns, adjusting them from a bright glow to a dim smolder. Another dimmer switch controls the headlights, switching them between extremely bright high beams, bright low beams and dimmer parking lights. via

What is car Dipper?

Dipper a.k.a. low beam is the default mode of operation for your car's headlights, while high-beam is a provision meant to be used only in areas with low visibility. And if you want to flash the dipper, you simply have to pull the stalk up as many times as required instead of pushing it down and pulling it back up. via

When were auto dimming headlights invented?

General Motors introduced the first automatic headlight dimmer – called the Autronic Eye – in 1952, on its Cadillac and Oldsmobile models; Buick, Pontiac and Chevrolet models began offering this feature in 1953. via

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