How much weight can a 205 75R15 hold?

Capacity, "C" Load Rating. via

What PSI is 205 75R15?

Thank you, I look forward to your reply. Expert Reply: The Westlake tires ST205/75R15 trailer tires should be inflated to the max psi listed on the sidewall of your tire. The Westlake ST205/75R15 Radial Trailer Tire - Load Range D # LHWL300 we carry should be inflated to 65 psi cold. via

What is Load Range D on a tire?

Load range D has a capacity of 1,220 lbs at 65 psi, whereas load range E has a capacity of 1,520 lbs at 80 psi. Basically the only difference between the two is the weight capacity. via

Should I run my trailer tires at max PSI?

When it comes to trailer tires you always want to have them inflated to their max psi when cold. Not only do you get the full capacity at the max psi, you also will generate less heat in the tire since there won't be as much flex in the sidewall, you'll get better wear and better fuel mileage. via

What is the PSI for 205 70 r15?

Use the pressure recommended on your door sticker, or as a good all around figure, 32 PSI. 44 PSI will give you a jarring ride, and will possibly make your tires more vulnerable to damage from road hazards. via

What load range is better C or D?

The difference between an load range C and load range D tire in the same size is the capacity and psi rating. The two tires will still have the same dimensions and fit on the same wheel. The D rated tire has a higher capacity. via

What is Load Range C on a trailer tire?

A load range 'C' tire, for example, is at its peak load capacity—possibly 1600 pounds—when it's inflated to its maximum pressure of 50 PSI. A load range 'C' tire at 25 PSI might be able to support a load of 990 pounds, while at 40 PSI, that capacity could be 1300 pounds. via

Are larger trailer tires better?

Expert Reply: The biggest advantage and reason most people go with a larger trailer tire is the increased weight capacity that the larger tires offer. The larger diameter offers a negligible amount of better ride quality for the trailer since the larger the tire the less "affected" it is by smaller bumps. via

How many miles should trailer tires last?

The mileage lifespan for a standard trailer tire is about 5,000 to 12,000 miles. This range can vary, but on average it's a good starting guideline. This is a fairly wide range, and it can change depending on many different factors: age of the tire, mileage covered, type of mileage, and type of tire. via

Can I put car tires on a trailer?

Never use passenger tires on a trailer. They are usually rated Load Range B, a 4-ply equivalent, because their sidewalls are flexible for a smooth ride—far too flexible for trailer duty. They are not engineered to stabilize heavy loads or to handle the temperatures that build with them. via

Why do trailer tires wear unevenly?

Generally, trailer tires don't wear evenly: It's just physics. When a tandem axle trailer with four tires takes a tight turn, the inside tires will “slide” a bit rather than roll, because they have significantly less distance to travel. Over time, this scuffs off tiny parts of the tread, creating odd wear patterns. via

Can I put radial tires on my trailer?

Yes, you can use radial tires on a trailer as long as they are trailer tires. Trailer tires will have ST in front of the size. Radial indicates which way the belts run in the tire. via

Can you run bias ply and radial on a trailer?

Each of your trailer's tires should be the same type, size and construction—do not mix bias-belted and radial tires. via

What PSI should my 10 ply tires be?

At 60 psi on a 10ply tire, the tire's load carrying capacity is reduced to 2,314 pounds per tire. If the customer runs 65 psi in a 10 ply tire, his capacity is now able to carry 2,507 per tire. via

Where do you find the proper PSI for a trailer?

  • Trailer tires should be inflated to the maximum inflation designated on its sidewall in order to provide the full load carrying capacity.
  • Check air pressure when the tire is cool to the touch and not right after driving to ensure an accurate reading.
  • via

    Does tire pressure affect trailer sway?

    Check the tire pressure. Under-inflated tires reduce the load-carrying capacity of your vehicle or trailer which can cause sway. via

    Why does my travel trailer sway?

    Wind is the most common cause of trailer sway. When there is a strong force pushing your trailer from one side or the other, it can cause it to sway from side to side. This is usually the result of strong gusts of wind or passing a high-profile vehicle such as an 18 wheeler who is traveling at high speeds. via

    Should I fill my tire to max psi?

    Your tires' max PSI almost always exceeds the recommended pressure. It isn't advisable to fill your tire to this pressure for everyday driving. At max PSI, your car does not handle as well, braking is impaired, and you could risk dangerous blowouts. via

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