Why does my engine rattle when I first start it?

If you hear a "clack-clack" kind of rattle when you start your car's engine, it could be a sign of piston slap. Pistons move up and down in their cylinders with a tight fit between the piston and cylinder wall. via

How do you fix a VVT rattle? (video)


What is a VTC actuator in a car?

What does the VTC Actuator do and do I need to fix it? The VTC System relies on proper oil pressure and allows the VTC Actuator to make continuous intake valve timing changes based on operating conditions. Intake valve timing is optimized to allow the engine to produce maximum power. via

What does VTC stand for Honda?

The i-VTEC® system combines the original VTEC with Honda's VTC (Variable Timing Control). By introducing the option of two camshaft profiles combined with variable valve timing, Honda optimized the performance even further. via

How do I unlock my VTC actuator? (video)


What is VVT rattle?

VVT rattle is the varuable valve timing sproket rattling, no big fuss, very rarely effects performance. Used ones go for £60/80, new from Nissan your looking at £400 +! Some times a good oil change can shut it up for a bit, some times a new solinoid can. It takes 1-2hours to change and is prety simple to do. via

Why does my car make a weird noise when I start it in the cold?

Cold weather can exacerbate underlying car problems, so you may begin to hear squeaks, squeals and other funny noises you haven't heard before. These noises may be caused by the engine belt, the serpentine belt, the air conditioning compressor or a power steering pump. via

How do you diagnose an engine rattle?

You can check your clearances by inserting a thickness gauge between the lifter or rocker arm and the valve stem. If the noise is reduced, then the cause is excessive clearance and you will want to make the correct adjustments. If the noise persists, then it is most likely rough cams or worn lifter faces. via

Why does it sound like my engine is rattling?

Popping in your engine– Potential problems include a clogged fuel filter or ignition or spark plug problems, especially if the engine misfires with the pop. Rattling from under your car– This can be caused by loose parts such as your exhaust system. via

What RPM does VTEC kick in Honda Accord?

VTEC works to change the engine from 3 valve to 4 valve mode at ~2300rpm. via

How do you test a cam phaser? (video)


How do I know if my VVT sprocket is bad? (video)


Should a timing chain rattle on startup?

The reason timing chains can be noisy on start up is either the pressure in the oil charged tensioner is bleeding off, or there is extra slop in the chain system that the tensioner isn't design to take up. Dirty oil can lodge debris in the tensioner that will keep the check valve open bleeding off oil pressure. via

Why is my car so loud when I start it?

If you've noticed that your engine sounds much louder than normal, don't just turn up the music and hope it goes away! There are a number of possible causes, including low engine oil, a busted muffler, or dirty spark plugs. via

How long should you warm up your car for?

How long should you let your car warm on a cold day? Most automobile experts say gently driving for about 15 minutes will get your car's engine temperature up to its optimal performance levels. If you choose to idle your car, the EPA recommends doing so for no longer than 30 seconds (or a minute on really cold days). via

What's the rattling noise under my car?

If the rattling sound sounds like it is coming from underneath your vehicle, you likely are experiencing a problem with your exhaust system. Exhaust system problems include catalytic converter problems, muffler issues or corroded pipe, can sound like light rattling to rocks shaking beneath your car. via

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