What does a rear camber kit do?

By adding extra negative camber you allow the tire to lean into the vehicle allowing for it fit into the wheel well tighter and thus allowing you to drop the vehicle lower. While extremely exaggerated, see the photo below for an idea of how this can work. via

Is rear camber kit necessary?

When you lower the car, the camber will go out and you need a camber kit to fix it. However, I find it is not necessary to correct the camber in most cases. Most people think they need a camber kit because of a tire-wear concern. The reality is, TOE ANGLE kills tires WAY faster than camber ever will. via

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Does adding camber lower your car?

Yes, if you move the top mount inboard then you effectively have a longer distance between the knuckle and top mount, if you don't compensate by lengthening the strut then the car will be lower. via

How much does it cost to camber your tires?

You should expect this to cost between $150 - $200 at most mechanics. However, like most auto repair, this is not a hard and fast rule. A mechanic might charge more for particularly complicated cars or ones which require specialized equipment. via

Are camber plates necessary?

Camber plates are not required. Front camber doesn't change much with lowering. Rear control arms might be required. Lower more than an inch or so, and the rear camber gets pretty crazy. via

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What is rear camber?

Camber angle is one of the angles made by the wheels of a vehicle; specifically, it is the angle between the vertical axis of a wheel and the vertical axis of the vehicle when viewed from the front or rear. It is used in the design of steering and suspension. via

Does changing camber affect ride height?

camber change will have no significant effect on ride height...but if you change ride height that will change camber, toe, and caster and a complete 'alignment job' is a good. via

Does camber affect alignment?


This is the inward or outward angle of the tire when viewed from the front of the vehicle. Too much inward or outward tilt, also known as negative and positive camber, respectively, indicates improper alignment and will need to be adjusted. via

Do I need rear camber arms with coilovers?

Yes, it would be a good idea to buy some sort of camber adjusters if you're lowering 1.5 to 2", as that is an agressive drop. You will need a lot of correction to get camber and toe put back closer to the factory spec. via

How do you adjust rear camber on coilovers? (video)


What causes rear tires to lean inward?

If you have one of the rear tires leaning in then you have damaged the upper control arm or spindle is bent. Have the vehicle suspension checked for damaged components and have alignment done. via

Which camber handling is best?

For a normal car you typically want to maintain a slight amount of negative camber (0.5 - 1°) to have a good balance of cornering grip, braking grip, and tire wear. On most vehicles it's common to have slightly more negative camber (0.8 - 1.3°) in the rear to reduce the chances of oversteer (loss of grip in rear). via

Are camber plates necessary with coilovers?

You don't need camber adjustment. There "should" be factory camber adjustment available on your car (typically it's the top bolt on the strut knuckle). Know that with Camber Plates you'll likely need to just a holt in the strut tower to enable damper knob to move. As for coils, Bilstein, KW, Fa , whatever will be fine. via

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Is rear camber adjustable?

A popular upgrade that can be made to most production cars is an adjustable camber arm for the front and rear of a car. This product replaces the standard fixed length arm and can be adjusted in length often by turning a threaded collar or adjusting the length of a rose joint at one end or both. via

What are cambers on a car?

The inward and outward tilt of the tire and wheel assembly (viewed from the front of the vehicle) is called camber. When the top of the tire is leaning inward, it is a negative camber. Positive camber has the top of the tire tilting outward. via

What is castor adjustment?

Caster is an alignment adjustment that occurs on the turning wheels only, i.e., the front wheels of a vehicle. via

Where do you put camber bolts?

Install the camber bolts in place of the top bolt on the rear knuckle clevises and in place of the lower bolt on the front knuckle clevises. via

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