Is there an injector for each cylinder?

There is either a separate injector for each cylinder or one or two injectors into the inlet manifold. Traditionally, the fuel/air mixture is controlled by the carburettor , an instrument that is by no means perfect. via

How do I know if my injectors are going bad?

  • Check Engine Light Illuminates Solid or Flashes. One of the engine issues that can cause the check engine light to come on or flash is a dirty or malfunctioning fuel injector.
  • Rough Idling/Irritating Idle Noise.
  • Engine Misfiring.
  • Fuel Leaks.
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    Can I drive with bad fuel injectors?

    Technically, you can still drive with a bad fuel injector. However, it is advised against doing so because a failing fuel injector will cause the engine to run lean. This can lead to engine damage, poor fuel economy, and decreased performance. via

    Can a bad fuel injector cause a knock?

    No.... A knock is generally caused by the ignition timing. An injector stuck shut causes a lean misfire which causes the engine to hesitate and loose power but not knock. An injector stuck open causes a rich mixture which will either reduce the chances of a knock or once again cause a misfire. via

    Do you put fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank?

    Fuel injector cleaners should be added to your vehicle's gas tank when the tank is nearly empty. While you won't harm the engine or fuel line if you add the cleaner to a full tank, the effectiveness of the additive might not be at its maximum. via

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