How many pounds does a Suburban weigh?

All of the Suburban models with a rear wheel drivetrain weigh 5586 pounds. 5808 pounds is the weight of the 2018 Chevy Suburban's in four wheel drive. via

How much does a 3/4 ton Suburban weigh?

GVWR, 8600 lbs. (3901 kg) (Requires 3/4 ton models.) via

How does a Suburban weigh?


Base Curb Weight (lb. / kg): 5616 / 2547 (2WD) – 5.3L 5824 / 2642 (4WD) – 5.3L 5797 / 2630 (2WD) – 6.2L 6016 / 2729 (4WD) – 6.2L 5864 / 2660 (2WD) – 3.0L 6072 / 2754 (4WD) – 3.0L
EPA Passenger Volume (cu. ft. / L): TBD


How much does a 1990 Suburban weigh?

6,100 lbs

Maximum cargo capacity 167 cu.ft.
Turning circle 46.9 ft.
Maximum payload 3,788.0 lbs.
Gross weight 6,100 lbs.


How much does a 1972 Chevy Suburban weigh?

in. 11"; 124 sq. in. 3300 lb. via

Is there a heavy duty Suburban?

The Suburban HD Is Back But You Can't Have One

However, you aren't actually going to have a chance to buy one. That is because the heavy-duty SUV is being built as part of a $36.4 million development contract with the U.S. Department of State and GM Defense. via

What does a Chevy Tahoe weigh?


Curb Weight (lb. / kg): 5355 / 2429 (2WD) – 5.3L 5602 / 2541 (4WD) – 5.3L
Cargo Volume^ (cu. ft. / L): 94.7 / 2681 (behind first row) 51.7 / 1464 (behind second row) 15.3 / 433 (behind third row)


How many tons is a 2008 Chevy Suburban?

The 2008 Chevy Suburban comes in three models: LS, LT and LTZ. Each is available with either 2WD or 4WD; and with either the 1500 (half ton) or 2500 (three-quarter ton) chassis. via

How much does a 1985 Suburban weigh?

The Suburban was a substantial vehicle for 1985, with an 129.5 inch wheelbase and 219.1 inches of overall length. With a 4,705-pound curb weight, C20 Suburbans had a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,600 pounds—high enough not to receive fuel economy ratings, which was likely a good thing. via

How much does a 1991 Suburban weigh?

4,450 lbs.

Turning circle 46.9 ft.
Curb weight 4,450 lbs.
Maximum payload 2,239.0 lbs.
Gross weight 6,100 lbs.


How much horsepower does a 1990 Chevy Suburban have?

| POWERTRAIN/CHASSIS 5.7-liter V8 engine with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is standard. R/V1500 series models produce 210 net horsepower @ 4000 rpm and 300 lb. ft. of net torque @ 2800 rpm. via

How much does a 1970 Chevy truck weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1967 - 1972
Weight : 3090 lbs | 1401.6 kg


How much does a 72 Chevy truck weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1967 - 1972
Price : $2,800
Weight : 3560 lbs | 1614.789 kg


How much does a 1980 C10 Chevy weight?

Curb weight (without a driver):
Curb weight estimated: 1845 kg / 4070 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating GVWR: 2744 kg / 6049 lbs
Payload estimated: 899 kg / 1980 lbs


How many gallons is the gas tank in a 2008 Chevy Suburban?

Used 2008 Chevrolet Suburban Specs & Features

Fuel & MPG
EPA mileage est. (cty/hwy) 14/20 MPG
Combined MPG 16 MPG
Range in miles (cty/hwy) 434/620 mi.
Fuel tank capacity 31 gal.


What engine came in the 2008 Suburban?

Chevrolet offers two 5.3-liter V-8s and two 6.0-liter V-8s in the Suburban lineup. Under the hood of 1500-series two-wheel-drive (2WD) models is an iron-block, aluminum-head 5.3-liter V-8 that makes 320 horsepower. via

Is Chevy discontinuing Suburban?

The Chevrolet Suburban HD is no longer available, but you don't have to do without the power and capability you desire. We have many hardworking vehicles, including the Suburban and other large SUVs, for you to choose from. via

Is Chevy making a 2500 Suburban?

Chevy built the Suburban 2500 primarily for fleet users who needed its extra capability. Still, through 2013 the trucks could be ordered by consumers in LS, LT, and even luxurious LTZ trim levels. And then it all stopped. For 2014, the Suburban 2500 went fleet-only. via

What's the biggest truck ever?

As of 2006, it was the world's largest, highest payload capacity haul truck.

BelAZ 75710
Length 20.6 m (67 ft 7 in)
Width 9.87 m (32 ft 45⁄8 in)
Height 8.26 m (27 ft 11⁄4 in)
Curb weight 360000 kg (793664 lb)


What is the lightest car on earth?

The Morgan 3-Wheeler offers a unique driving experience, and part of that is because it's the lightest production car in the world and over 1,100 units have been made. The vehicle is produced by Morgan Motor Company and was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. via

What is the heaviest luxury car?

  • 1 Ford GT: 3,050 Pounds.
  • 2 Porsche GT3 RS: 3,200 Pounds.
  • 3 Ferrari 488 Pista: 3,250 Pounds.
  • 4 McLaren 570 GT: 3,314 Pounds.
  • 5 Lamborghini Huracan: 3,399 Pounds.
  • 6 Dodge Viper: 3,415 Pounds.
  • 7 Lamborghini Aventador: 3,472 Pounds.
  • via

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