Will an exhaust shop install headers?

Exhaust Headers Installation

Technicians will make sure to replace or augment any studs or other parts that might need adjustment due to the installation of the header. While an exhaust header doesn't really add horsepower to your car, properly designed and tuned headers can indeed help with the power gain. via

Can I run my truck with just headers?

Cars with open headers are not legal to run in public – mainly because of the extremely loud sound and polluted exhaust gases. If you run open headers in public you will definitely run into trouble with the law. via

Is running open headers safe?

Open headers cannot create engine harm if you have tuned and balanced the air/fuel ratio. However, open headers may substantially alter the air/fuel ratio when run untuned, bringing and mixing more oxygen into the combustion cycle in the combustion chamber. via

How do you install long tube headers on a 2015 Mustang GT? (video)


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