How do you adjust a power steering pulley? (video)

How do I know if my pulley is misaligned? (video)

What causes a misaligned pulley?

It occurs when the motor for a pulley is either too far back or too far forward, resulting in the incorrect positioning of the motor. It can be fixed relatively quickly by changing the position of the motor to align the pulley again. via

How do you adjust a power steering pump belt?

Pull the belt hard away from a straight-edge to measure deflection. To check the tension, lay a straight-edge along the outer edge of the belt. If the belt goes round more than two pulleys, use the longest run of the belt. Use your thumbs to push the belt inwards at its mid point, pushing quite hard. via

Why must pulleys be aligned accurately?

Good design, good quality components and correct installation are the starting points. Thereafter, keeping it running well requires attention to the details. Good sheave alignment will increase efficiency by reducing premature wear or failure of belts, pulleys and bearings. via

How do you do Vbelt alignment?

Count two V-grooves in from the forward edge (Fig 1). Now, place the smaller plastic alignment segment onto the pulley to be checked. Again, place it two V-grooves in. Look down the length of the steel alignment rod and check that it lines up with the markings on the alignment segment (Fig 2). via

What are the two most common methods for aligning sheaves?

There are several sheave alignment methods, the most common of which is the straightedge and string method, wherein these must touch each sheave at two diametrically opposite positions simultaneously (totaling four contact points). The sheaves should be rotated half a turn and checked again. via

How much is it to replace a pulley?

Idler Pulley Replacement Cost

The cost to replace the idler pulley of your driver belt will usually be somewhere between $80 and $200. The cost for the new part should only be anywhere from $40 to $90, while the cost of the labor will be anywhere from $40 to $110. via

What happens if serpentine belt is to tight?

If the belt is too tight, it will cause excessive side loads and overheat the bearings. This in turn causes noise, decreased output and even the seizing of the alternator. If the belt is too loose, it will cause the alternator to slip. This slipping can cause the alternator and the battery to work harder. via

How do you figure out which pulley is squeaking? (video)

How do you use a laser alignment tool? (video)

How do you test a pulley? (video)

What is parallel misalignment?

Parallel misalignment happens when the two shafts to be aligned have centerlines parallel to each other, but the centerlines are offset. Vertical angle misalignment is a misalignment of two shafts in the vertical plane. Horizontal angle misalignment is a misalignment of two shafts in the horizontal plane. via

How do you check a groove pulley? (video)

How do you align an alternator pulley? (video)

How do I know if my sheave is worn out?

A sheave gauge, usually consisting of plastic wedges shaped like a new belt, can be inserted into the groove. If the gauge doesn't fit squarely into the groove and you can see daylight around the edges, your sheave is worn and must be replaced. via

How do you adjust a variable pitch pulley? (video)

Can you stretch a drive belt?

But stretching the belt with the right tools is often the only way stretch belts can be installed. Stretch belts can take loads off of the main accessory belt drive, allow for better packaging and solve NVH problems that can occur with a longer serpentine belt. via

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