How do I extend the O-Cedar mop?

  • Grip the red section with one hand and grip the gray section with your other hand.
  • Twist the red section counterclockwise until loose.
  • Extend the gray section by pulling it away from the section.
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    How long is the O-Cedar mop handle?

    O-Cedar Replacement Handle (47.5" inches Long) via

    How do you extend the handle on a Norwex mop? (video)

    How do you loosen O-Cedar mop? (video)

    How do you loosen a Norwex mop handle? (video)

    How do you assemble an O Cedar spin mop? (video)

    Can you put Cedar mop head in washer?

    Our entire line of O-Cedar® microfiber mop refills are durable and easy to change. Our microfiber mop refills are machine washable. To clean your refills, simply machine or hand wash them in warm water and lay flat to dry. via

    How do I fix my spray mop? (video)

    How do you replace the O-Cedar mop head? (video)

    How do you unlock a mop? (video)

    Is Norwex mop worth it?

    It is a very high-end mop, and it will last for many years, plus it has a great warranty. The cost is much less than all those disposable refill pads and floor solution, but I feel that the Norwex Mop is not that much better than my other microfiber mop to justify an extra $100+. via

    How do you change a twist mop head? (video)

    Can you use cleaning solution with O Cedar mop?

    When mopping with an O-Cedar mop, you can use any cleaning solution of your choice, but if you prefer to keep harsh cleaning chemicals out of your home, simply use tap water. via

    How do you change the head on a commercial mop?

  • Wring out the mop, and stand it up on its handle so you can easily reach the head.
  • Remove the new mop head from its packaging, and find the center panel.
  • Replace the wing nut or adjust the knob on the quick-change version, and hand-tighten the clamp until it is snug against the mop head.
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    How do you use Norwex mop on laminate floors? (video)

    How do you set up a Norwex mop?

    Start mopping at the furthest point in the room, moving the mop in a figure-8 pattern back toward the exit or doorway. Keep the leading edge of the mop forward at all times to ensure all the collected dust remains on the same edge of the mop. via

    How does the Norwex mop work? (video)

    How do you put on a spin mop? (video)

    How does the Cedar Spin mop work? (video)

    How do you use a cedar flip mop? (video)

    Can you use the O-Cedar mop on wood floors? (video)

    Can you put mop heads in the dryer?

    Dust and wet mop heads should be washed with a gentle detergent — no bleach — in hot water and rinsed before being dried. Dryer sheets and temperatures above 140 degrees can damage the microfibers, so treat the mop heads similarly to delicates, and dry on low heat. via

    What is the best mop for hardwood floors?

    Soft microfiber mops work best on hardwood floors. You can spray a sanitizing cleaning solution or hardwood-friendly cleaner on before dusting for a deeper clean, but a mop with a gentle microfiber pad is the best option for engineered wood or hardwood floors. via

    How do you assemble a spray mop? (video)

    How do you attach a spray mop? (video)

    How do you take apart an infuse mop?

  • Pull the bottle straight out of the mop base, do not twist or turn it.
  • Find the small white cap & screw it on tight.
  • Unscrew the grey cap, refill the bottle & add the concentrate (if it's empty).
  • Screw the grey cap back on.
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    How do you remove a sponge mop head? (video)

    How do I remove Mr clean spin mop head?

    Remove the head from a Magic Eraser roller mop and heavy duty roller mop by pushing down the wringing lever to release it. Slide it sideways to remove it. Align the grooves in the replacement head with the channel on the mop, and slide it on. via

    How do you clean a mop head? (video)

    What is a twist mop?

    Effortless mopping , one twist at a time. Designed to keep hands dry with intuitive wringing, the MicroTwist™ Microfiber Twist Mop is made with a swiveling handle to regulate the amount of water with each use. It's complete with an extra large 16-inch microfiber mop head to remove over 99% of bacteria with water*. via

    Can you use Dawn dish soap with Norwex?

    Use a Non-Sudsing Dish Liquid– You can use Dawn, Norwex's Dishwashing Liquid, or any other non-sudsing dish liquid to clean your microfiber. via

    Is Norwex made in China?

    Are Norwex Products Made in China? Yes, Norwex Microfiber is made in China. via

    Is Norwex a pyramid company?

    The company is not considered a pyramid scheme because they make it very clear in their Compensation Plan what benefits you get based on your level of success and what the average earnings are for each of those levels. via

    Can I use vinegar with my Norwex mop?

    Quick Answer: Absolutely! You can use vinegar with your e-cloth® (and Norwex) cloths. via

    Why do my Norwex cloths smell?

    3 Reasons Why Norwex and e-cloths get Stinky

    They're not being rinsed out frequently or well enough. Grease, soap and/or detergent is trapped in them. They're not drying quickly enough or at all. via

    Why does my Norwex mop leave streaks?

    This Mop Pad can leave streaks on your floors when not used properly and when using too wet. It should be used slightly damp - either getting damp directly under the sink, or using a water spray bottle to spray water on your floor as you clean them. Hope this helps! via

    How do I remove O Cedar Microtwist mop?

    Use & Care: To Remove: Push down, unscrew locking cap and lift to free top of mop head. Slide down off racket, past handgrip to slip off end of handle. To Replace: While holding locking cap, drape the mop head over the cup. Twist cap into the cup until locked. via

    Can you use Fabuloso on wood floors?

    Is Fabuloso® and Fabuloso® Complete safe on wood? Fabuloso® and Fabuloso® Complete should only be used on SEALED wood surfaces. via

    How long does O-Cedar Spin mop last?

    Use & Care. For best results, replace refill every three months. via

    How do you make a mop solution?

  • 2 cups Water.
  • 2 cups Vinegar.
  • 2 cups rubbing Alcohol.
  • 6 drops Dawn dishwashing liquid.
  • 10 drops Lemon essential oil.
  • 8 drops Lavender essential oil.
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