What is suspension fault on a Range Rover?

If the fault becomes active when the suspension is at "normal" height, the suspension is locked, preventing it from raising or lowering with a warning message "Normal Height Only". If the suspension is lowered when the fault becomes active, it fails to raise and the warning message to not exceed 35 MPH is shown. via

How do you use the jack on a Range Rover Evoque?

Unfold the handle from the stored position on the jack. Fit the wheel nut brace to the end of the cranking handle. Rotate the handle clockwise to raise the jack, until the jack pin locates into the jacking point. Raise the vehicle until the wheel is clear of the ground. via

How do you turn off auto height on Range Rover?

Use the Vehicle Settings and Convenience Features instrument panel menus to enable or disable the auto access height feature. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU. The following conditions apply, before auto access height operates: The suspension height has to be set at the normal height setting. via

How do you turn off air suspension on a Land Rover lr3?

Down button: Press and release to lower the suspension height. If a door is open, press and hold to lower the suspension height. The button's LED indicator lamp illuminates during suspension height adjustment and extinguishes when complete. via

How do you reset a Range Rover HSE?

  • To reset the device, simultaneously press the Power on and Volume up button for 10 – 12 seconds.
  • The device will power down and then automatically reboot.
  • Device will now power on, perform and charge as expected.
  • via

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